Touring boat rentals key west

Does anyone know of a kayak rental shop in the lower keys that rents touring kayaks? All I see are sit on tops.Thank you

only the other end…
florida bay outfitters in key largo…on the S bound side at about mm 111 or so.

I stay on the lower end in Frisco. Several shops rent Kayaks for the sound side…not the ocean. I rented an OT tandem for a decent price. All the ocean ones i saw were sit on top

I look forward to the responses
I look forward to the responses to see if my theory is wrong. But to me it seems that most any place with warm water only rent SOTs. Between not needing protection from the elements, and less skill/training for the user, this seems to be the way it goes.

Not so in the Keys
Florida Bay outfitters will rent you both SINKS and SOTS, and there are two other outfitters heading farther down that rent both types.