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Hi guys
I am looking to buy some new gloves for touring long distance on my kayak , I am right now using the NRS Skelton, they are great for sun protection and blister ( even so I tape my fingers) but after just over 300 miles they are falling apart.I need good gloves for a long trip starting next month . If nothing bit those I will most likely end up buying few pairs.

Great glove for me ten years old. Never fell apart I just rinse them well and air dry.

I bought two more pairs years ago. Figured most things I like disappear. Never used them yet. Ready for estate sale one day :grin:

38 dollars now wow think I paid like 18 or less years ago.

I’ve been using my Buff gloves for the past six years. Not as fancy as the new models pictured on the link, but they’ve held up well.

I used sailing gloves from West Marine, with leather palms. They last a long time.

PS…I paddle in swamps, creeks, rivers, ocean, and flats. The leather palms have saved my hands from thorns, shells, rough rocks and many other paddle hazards than simple blisters.

Kokatat Lightweight Hans Jackets (fingerless) have lasted a very long time with me. $35/pr

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Thank you so very much for your help guys , I am going to order a couple of the gloves you recommended, I always order at least two pairs just in case .
Thanks and have a great weekend.

I like fingerless gloves for paddling and rowing.
Sun protection and blister prevention.

That what I have been using even in cold climate ( 60 degree ) but my trips are more in warm countries…

Rigging gloves from a marine store, Gill or store brand. Last way better.

I just ordered 2 pairs of these Look good, company makes good stuff. We’ll see how they turn out. I want something lightweight for sun when it’s hot, nothing heavy like rigging gloves. If they work well and wear out I’ll get another pair. I should be so lucky as to paddle enough so that they wear out

I liked ORS for some of their products( mostly hats) but I saw those gloves at REI and they are even thinner than my NRS skeleton so I doubt they will work for me , I also saw the REI sun glove and they looked good too.I ordered two pairs of gloves that were recommended and since I have about 200 miles to do in the week I should have a good idea.
Thanks anyway.