Touring in an 18x comfortably?

Need to decide whether to keep my 18x or QCC 600x, I have some interest in both.

Originally bought the 18x so I could use the same boat for racing as well as leisurely paddling. But since then I’ve gone to paddling canoes almost exclusively and might not be doing much more racing, especially in a kayak.

Due to taking the year off from paddling last year I’ve only had a chance to paddle the 18x a few times. Great boat but so far I haven’t been able to think of it as a touring boat. Love the long cockpit for legs together paddling but that makes it very difficult/impossible to tuck my knees under the combing for stability or to keep myself in the boat during a roll. If I move the seat/foot brace so I can get my knees under the combing it’s not very comfortable for long term paddling.

Anyone found a good solution? Or maybe I just need to play around it in more. I’m 6’1" 170lbs.


Odd !
I always equated the Epic 18x which one of my many daughters has with the QCC-700 that I have only a bit faster.

I also had a QCC-600 and at 5’-9", I prefer the 700.

I would think you would do better in the 18x for touring

Jack L

im pretty sure
The deck on both of those boats is similar in height. Both are plenty big for a few nights out.

I would want a boat that was comfortable for my legs to be under the deck regardless of the intended use.

Ryan L.

Perhaps I should clarify a bit. By touring I don’t so much mean storing gear for a few days, but rather paddling for something other than fitness. The main thing is that I have a hard time finding any way to lock in my knees that still lets me paddle comfortably.

Otherwise I love the fit of both boats. I could try adding thigh braces but I’m afraid that would interfere with legs together paddling (they do get in the way on the QCC). Maybe a leg strap like WSBS boats? It would be nice to be able to lock in a bit.

BTW, took the 18x out for a hard paddle with the wing tonight. First time I’ve picked up the wing in about 1 1/2 years. Felt great.


Stellar has a new touring boat and also a new 18ft ski .

I paddle the S18S the ski a couple of times and loved it.

Its as stable as a 18x without having to get in side a sea kayak.

The one I paddled had a kickup rudder and it has two storage compartments,

It has 4 different layups so you can spend a little or a lot

Its worth a look

For what it is worth
At 205, it was suggested that I do the 18X Sport, since it is a little less tippy. I have the QCC 700 also and think I like the Q boat better. It seems to be a little more stout. Search the web for reviews, not just this site. My opinion is the if JackL says it, I better do it because he has so much time in the QCC boats, I mean a lot of miles!

boat fit
Alan, I know you are a long way from the Great Lakes or ocean paddling, but I think what you are looking for is something more like a standard sea kayak than the performance boats which you have.

For edging, sculling braces, rolling, etc., the boats you have are very high in cockpit volume compared to something like a Valley Nordkapp or SKUK Explorer.

Every boat has it’s place, and no one does everything well. If I were you, I would be trading in one of those boats for something more traditional in sea kayaks.

Not quite
Not looking for something more like a standard sea kayak, though it would be fun to have one sometimes. I like going fast and racing. Was just hoping to hear from some people who had paddled the 18x for something other than fitness on occasion. With the QCC if the water gets rough I can easily lock in under the thigh braces to help with stability and can easily roll back up if I were to go over. Not something I can comfortably transition between in the 18x yet.

Maybe not that big of a deal though since I’m not generally out in rough conditions and it’s a pretty stable boat anyway. I’ll be getting a lot more seat time in it over the next month so I’ll start experimenting with seat and foot pedal position. Speaking of seats that’s the first thing that needs some work, makes my butt hurt after just a few miles.