touring kayak for 6'5", 250lb.

I am looking for a kayak for ocean touring in Southern California. Would like something that handles rough water well and has a fair turn of speed. I am tall but not particularly long legged, with a 34" inseam. Would appreciate any advice, I have been paddling a 14’ open kayak for 10 years or so but would like something with more range and performance. Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations.

Big Boats…
Valley Argonaut, NDK Posideon, P&H Quest, Kajaksport Viviane, Seaward Navigator, Tiderace Xplore X.

Sterling Grand Illusion. Valley Aquanaut I think is what above post meant to write.

Meant to write…
Argonaut…precursor to the Aquanaut with a bit bigger cockpit.

Forgot one…
Valley Aquila.

More info such as build material?

Cetus HV would work maybe a MV as well. I paddle a Scorpio MV MKII that I love. According to Marshall the HV will make a debut soon.

Sterling Grand Illusion would be awesome for you, no experience with them however they look solid. I know headwaters kayaks carries them, not sure how far you are to demo.

Eddyline Fathom
I used to be your size and that fit nicely.


Venture Jura HV
At $1599 a little more on the moderate price range than some of the others models suggested, supposed to be a good big guy boat with excellent handling in surf and rough water.

CD Solstice GT Titan, general purpose sea kayak for big people.

QCC Q500X, a real cargo cruiser.

Check NC
My big water fast boat is my Novus Composites Expedition. They are built in Tacoma, Washington and are sold only factory direct.

All I can tell you is that if you are looking for fast, stable and rough water handling–this is your boat. Check them out at

I should mention that the Expedition and for that matter, all of the NC kayaks are just plain gorgeous.

more options
The plastic version of the Wilderness Systems Tempest. The tempest pro glass version has some issues.

The Etaine and Nordkapp will also fit you. The Etaine lots of primary stability. The Nordkapp, secondary stability and legendary rough water performance but not a beginner boat.

I’m 6’7 and 220 lbs. Before I bought my Sterling Reflection, I test paddled practically every big boat available. The Reflection is a fantastic rough water play boat and can be used for touring but with a short waterline and lots of rocker is NOT a fast boat. The Reflection is a great rough water boat. My previous boat was a Tiderace Xplore. I had to constantly wait for everyone when I paddled that boat and it handled rough coastal paddling very well.

My Reflection is for sale. Includes skirt and two paddles.

yes. not too long ago
there was one in the P net classifieds.

CD Solstice GT Titan

Nigel Foster Shadow
Big boy boat.

big with short legs
It sounds like you are a bigger version of me. I am 6’, 220, with a 32" inseam. I bought a WS Tempest 170 (17’) as a novice-intermediate. It is great all around boat with a great seating system and is well outfitted.

I would guess you might also fit this boat leg length wise. They also make a Tempest 180 (18’) which will provide more cockpit room, but it felt like a much bigger boat to me. It would have plenty of storage capacity if touring is your thing.

I discovered, and you will too, paddlers with long torsos stick up high out of the water giving you a higher center of gravity than the typical paddler. Something to consider when evaluating initial stability of boats. You want to be able to sit comfortably resting in quiet water.

To add a few,
Eddyline Denali, Eddyline Journey (a bit smaller), WS Tempest 170 or 180, WS Tsunami

It became the aquanaut HV, then it went away… :frowning:

Pygmy Borealis XL