Touring Kayak for a large kayaker

I am looking for suggestions for a touring kayak. I am 6’5", 250 lbs., and a size 13 foot. I have tested a Necky Looksha V which I was assured would fit me and it wasn’t even close. I am an intermediate paddler and am not really sure I want to spend $3500 on a kayak yet, would say $2000 is my limit. Was reading reviews of the Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 170 and it seemed a possibility. Any suggestions?

Some threads
Here are a couple of threads that might help.

One large paddler I know picked up an NDK Explorer HV for $1900 in very good shape. He is very pleased with the boat.

Impex Assateague
I am 5’11", 250 lbs (was 275+) with size 12 feet. I absolutely love my Impex. I find it a good stable boat, with quick turning ability if you lean it over. New, it runs about $2700, but I believe there is one or two used ones on


wasn’t even close"

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what was the problem? The shelf under the deck is in the way for most big folks and can be removed. It helps to know what your reference for comfort is, have you been in any boats that fit well?

I don't see the Cape HOrn on their website, the Tsunami 175 looks like one BIG boat.

prijon kodiak, q700
Try the Prijon Kodiak, I’m 6’3 262lb size 13 feet and paddle a Q700 when I want to go a little faster than in my Prijon Kodiak.

I also where trek water shoes from Acadamy sports $4.00-5.00


QCC 500
Definately a big guy’s boat. Take it from me, a big guy.

But I also fit in an Assateague. Maybe next year…


I’ve never tried a VCP Aquila but think I saw one on the classified section recently - but I’m not sure where you and it are located.

Haven’t seen too many of them but they do look like they may work. Much bigger than my NDK Explorer HV - I’m 6’1"/225 and have plenty of room so that may work for you too.

Necky Eskia
I Think the Eskia would fit you pretty well though you may have to remove the thigh braces(couple screws)

I actually owned a Cape Horn 170 myself and quickly ended up unimpressed. But it would be alright if you replace the seat back with a backband and pad the sh*t out of the cockpit. At 6’1 and 180 it was like a bathtub. Not the greatest all around design.

Capella 173

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This is a great boat for a larger paddler. The boat has a wider beam (23"), more depth (13.5") and a larger cockpit (34.25") to allow larger paddlers to still have ease of entry/exit.

Happy to let you demo the Cap 173 (the demo is also for sale), or can point you towards a dealer who can help you out. Where are you located?

Mark (P&H Team Paddler)

Perception Eclipse…
…is what I fit into with room to spare. I’m 6’2" size 10 feet, 200 lbs.

I chose this roomy boat because I found the usual tight confines to be hell on my restless leg syndrome. Being able to draw up my legs and peek my knees out of the cockpit is welcome relief during extended paddles.

Mine is the Airalite model. I haven’t seen any others to compare, but I once heard Perception made a high deck/volume Eclipse. I suspect mine is one of them. Also the plastic ones seem to have a lower deck.

However, I fit very loosely into the seat and thigh braces. This one of many reasons why I am having trouble learning to roll this boat. I will adding some additional foam for a custom fit.


NF Shadow
Another larger paddler in this area really loves his Nigel Foster Shadow. Might be worth checking one out.

used Nimbus Telkwa HV

no more Horns.

Tsunami 175. Wayne, very large, Horodovich did rescue and recovery courses all weekend at the Charleston sympo and really liked it.

Tempest 180 is another W/S big boyz boat.


The Shadow will work
but unless you can find one used, the price won’t be within the budget.

I really love mine.

Tsunami 175
You will be very comfy…

it is bigger

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I think the prismatic coefficient is different on that one compared to the old one,,ie. the ends are fuller. The problem I have with the new Perception boats is the plastic rudder chips, maybe they fixed it. Now that I think of it that might be a worthwhile choice, a tad pricey but I think it'll be more efficient on the water than the Tsunami175

Used Shadow in Boston area
for $1750, fiberglass. Not mine, another club member’s.

Wilderness Tsunami series
I agree with the suggestion for the Wilderness Tsunami series.

I was new to kayaking last year. I did a ton of research. And the Wilderness Tsunami series kept comming up in reviews and opinions as the best overall touring kayaks. Their 3-way seat system is phenomenol (sic?).

My wife and I both have the Light Touring (or Transitional Touring) version: Tsunami 140’s - which also come in the larger size 145.

We love them. We even (inadvertently) tackled a Class II rapid in them last weekend on what was supposed to be a Touring trip – but because of heavy rains the weekend before, there was a Class II at the beginning of the run.

CD Solstice Titan
Just received mine a few weeks ago, and it is just what I needed.(6’5", 255#, 14 shoe)

I can finally sit in the seat of a touring kayak, and bring my legs in and out. Paddles very well, good stability, etc. Tons of room for storage. If you can find one to demo, (they are rare), you need to try it.

kayak for larger paddler
I also am 6’5" x 250 x size 13, 35" inseam, 39" waist. I have a CD Storm and a Prion Kodiak. I have also paddled an Impex Assategue. I tried a QCC500 but did not like the fit, not too small, just not right for me. Be certain to try before you buy! Good luck