Touring kayak for multi-day journeys?

Looking for a touring kayak for multi-day journeys. Medium volume, experienced paddler. Anyone out there want to hazard a comparison between one of the MV Rockpools (Alaw or the Alaw Bach) and the NDK Romany or the Explorer? Am paddling a Stellar 15S, which is fast and light, though delicate and without much storage…

I don’t know how many folks here have paddled Rockpool kayaks. The stern of the Alaws reminds me of the Nordkapp HM insomuch as it has significant concave curvature blending the upper volume into a significant fin. This is usually intended to keep the stern more steady in a following sea than it would be otherwise - much like dropping the skeg. It would be fun to give it a try and see how it all comes together in that design.
Alaw - “cockpit with a raised knee position” - I can figure pretty quickly why they made the Alaw Bach - “same hull shape as the Alaw, but with a more conventional lower knee position.” I would be likely to enjoy the raised knee position of the Alaw.
The SKUKs definitely have the more conventional, lower and more splayed knee position.
Wish I could say I’ve paddled them all. Off-the-cuff the Alaw grabs my interest.
How’s that for hazarding a comparison?

Biased opinion but I’d suggest the P&H Cetus MV. (I even know of a carbon/Kevlar used one :wink: )

Other more versed paddlers will weigh in on your other suggestions.

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Can’t say it’s a medium volume, but if I were looking for a multi day touring boat, a used QCC would be high on the list. The large hatches, the relatively fast hull, and my old 2002 is certainly not delicate in the carbon/kevlar layup.

Two of our CT guys paddle QCC boats.

Well I don’t do mult day camping. I have paddled all the boats in your comparison. I
own a RockPool Isel - LV version of the Alaw Bach which I have paddled extensively as well. For mult day camping Its going to come down the 3 boats.
Alaw Bach, Cetus MV and the Explorer. All will give you will give you a lot more room than the Stellar 15S.

To add to Cape Fears comments. The Rockpool boats are the least skeg dependant of any boats I have paddled. In the two years I have had my Isel I think I dropped the skeg twice. Due to really hi cross wind. The stern of the boat is a skeg in its self. Really nice in following seas as well. Just wonderful handing all around.

Now you are just going to have to demo to see what works for you. All 3 boats Alaw Bach, Cetus MV and the Explorer have a cult following for a good reason they are all great boats. It’s the fit and feel and its personal.

For multi week or multi day…I’ve always been partial to Nordkapp’s … but …they all work. The real key it loose all the unnecessary things and go compact with the rest. Then any kayak you would paddle for an overnight will work {the only difference between a week or an overnight is stove fuel and food} The “what if” stuff is all the same.

When I had an Explorer LV, I packed it for what was planned to be an 8- to 10-day trip. I cut the trip short and returned after one night, due to what looked like continuing daily squalls and electrical storms. (That prediction turned out to be correct.)

However, on that first day of squalls, the boat was solid in the violent winds and attendant churned-up water. It was a lot of boat for me to keep going forward but go it did, right side up.

The Romany is kin to the Explorer but shorter so less storage space.

Can’t comment on the Rockpool kayaks.

X’s 2 what tjalmy said
I have a QCC 700 and done many multiday camping trips with it.
The hatch covers are the largest of any 18 foot kayak that I have ever seen

These are really helpful, informed responses. Thanks to all.

Rock pool taran

The Taran is a good boat, stellar 18s or r, epic 18x sport is ok, but honestly the rudder sucks and you can’t paddle without it
Taran would be, and is, my first pick for open sea type adventures. Stellar is what I use for Everglades challenge, 300 mi self supported race
Epic is what I use and abuse. In plastic check out Jackson touring boat. Nice features with a smaller price tag



Who in Western Canada (or Canada or the USofA) sells the MV Rockpools Alaw?

Thank You.

Rockpool doesn’t list any Canadian dealers, but did have these two USA dealers:

USA: Sea Kayak Connecticut.

Nanuq Kayaks, Portland ME

This is a new topic, really, but is there an expo where you can see and paddle all of these boats?

May depend on where you are. Many sport specific dealers will have demo days or can set up test paddles (sometimes for a fee that may be returned if you purchase from them). Some sea kayak symposiums may have a demo area or used boats for sale.