Touring kayak with leg room for 6' 2"

I’m a newbie, 6’ 2" - 180 lbs - size 12 shoe, and sat in a dozen touring kayaks today at Jersey Paddler. Only the WS Tsunami 175 and Prijon Touryak had enough peddle length and room for my feet. I would prefer a skeg rather than a rudder. Lower cost a plus also.

I’d guess there’s more than just the two models you mentioned that’d work.

Inseam, waist size, typical expected paddling terrain? These would help in the guestimation.

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More info
My waist is 34 inseam 32-33. Terrain = local rivers - Navesink & Shrewsbury, lakes, Sandy Hook bay, maybe overnight camping in future.

I’m not overly tall or out of proportion for my height. I was surprised how the foot rests were too short or bulkheads too close and deck too low with size 12 sneaker on. In many my heels overlapped.

Personal Experiences
There’ve been lots of threads about this in the past, here and on other sites like SK forum. I’m 6’5", 230, with size 15 feet. My current touring boats are the Current Designs Isle, Prijon Marlin, and Prijon Kodiak. Other boats that I know fit me are the P & H Delphin, the Wilderness Systems Zephyr (and Tempest 180), and Impex Assateague. A lot of times smaller people make suggestions about boats based on their perception of what “should” fit. Those suggestions have usually not worked out for me. Also, do not wear tennis shoes when trying on boats. Wear a pair of water shoes or something that you will wear when paddling. Lastly, in my personal opinion, a tall person needs a boat width of 23 or 24 inches. Many would probably disagree with that point.

P&H Scorpio
I’m 6’2" with a similar inseam and I love the fit in my P&H Scorpio (the original “high volume” model).


My feet aren’t as big, but
We’re about the same height and weight. If you’re looking for a poly boat, take a look at a CD Sirocco. My recommendation for a composite boat can be found at–specifically the Expedition.

myn 6’7" nuddy
My 6’ 7" buddy has a Current Designs Scirroco as his regular boat. He was also using a Valley Etain composite for a while. I am pretty sure he has also used my Valley Aquanaut HV plastic, but I think he was using the bulkhead as a footrest (instead of the pegs).

with those paddling goals
A tsunami 14.5 should work if price is the issue. But if buying used, any high volume version should fit you. Sneakers could be the problem, depending on the heel they can add alot that would not be there with a water shoe.

Ryan L.

In the new kayak realm/price range you originally wrote of, the Venture Islay would work. My 33 inseam with flat heeled #11 sneaks (running shoes with a thick heel can be a problem) fit with legs locked straight out toes skyward. So, sitting in a more normal kayaking position without terrestrial running shoes your #12s would fit fine.

Moving into more of a sea kayak length the Venture Capella 166 or the North Shore Atlantic RM would accommodate your shoe size and body dimensions. I even happen to know of a couple of used ones are hanging out. :wink:

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Take your dang running shoes off and you’ll fit in just about anything! I can’t believe nobody at jersey paddler told you that.

My solution
I worked for a while and endured a couple of failed purchases before I solved a problem similar to yours. I moved the seat back two inches in a Zephyr 160. I also wear a compact paddling shoe. It is amazing how much difference two extra inches of leg room makes. The Zephyr’s performance wasn’t hindered by relocating the seat.

Hope this helps.

As Mentioned Above
The sneakers are the problem. Ditch them & go with a water shoe. Your inseam is 2" longer than mine, but I do have size 12 feet like you. I fit in tons of boats with length to spare. It’s an easy fix.