Touring River Canoe [royalex?]

I have a very nice river I’d like to paddle, no one is ever on it in a canoe or kayak. Of course I’m in an area where the drift boat is king. What would you recommend for a river touring canoe, mostly day touring [with the option of overnighters] for slow moving to class III. A canoe I can paddle through the longer slow areas when needed yet maneuverable and stable enough to get through nasty class II maybe easy III’s. I’m looking at royalex just because of the basalt rock of which I may be hitting and/or scraping. I’ve paddled the Wildfire but it’s too tender for my liking in faster water. I want something more stable and a bit longer. I’m 6ft 195lbs.Thanks!

I have used my 15 foot MR Synergy on
class 2 runs in Oregon, Idaho, and northern CA. Though rockered, it is easy to move on the flats. Similar canoes would include the Dagger Caption (like the Synergy, now only available used), the Mohawk Probe 14, and the Esquif Vertige or Blast. I would not recommend under 13 or 14 feet for what you want to do. Whitewater boats give a considerable extra safety and control margin when paddled in class 2+ and class 3, compared, say, to the MR Guide (one of which I own). I will be taking the Synergy to Colorado this summer…