Touring Sit on Top

I am planning to add a new kayak to my fleet this year. Would like a tandem than can be paddled solo so that I can occasionally take my nephew and/or my dog out with me, but can paddle by myself at other times. I was originally thinking a sit-in but am reconsidering a sit-on-top for easy of getting on and off. Have a couple of rec sit-on-tops that I use at the local Class II river and take to the beach - both are two slow and too wet to work for a touring all-day paddle but with so many new sots out there thought some might be able to recommend a current sot that would work for my intended uses.

Maybe Bic
The Bic Scapa could handle a person plus dog, and a not-too-large nephew. They also have a tandem that might work if the kid is bigger. They’re on the buyer’s guide here at p-net.

Hobie Oddysey Tandem SOT

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Allows you to move a seat to the center to paddle solo. It is fairly fast for a 14' SOT, a nice boat to have with a family and kids around. It was my first kayak I used for day tour kayaking. Much more fun than my canoe. I went on paddles with other kayakers using it as a solo, and had no problem keeping up. All SOT tandems are a bit heavy, you can move this boat around by yourself, but I would not recommend it for a small woman to try and do it. Get yourself a set of wheels to roll whatever tandem you buy to the water and you will be happier.

For better advice on SOTs go to the web page, you get a lot of people here who have never owned or paddled an SOT making opinions they know nothing about.

I think a Native boat would be a good
fit for you.

Didn’t see it on their website but SEDA
made ( makes ? ) something convertable from a double to single that is really cool.

You might call and ask them about it … sorry, forgot name

Any thoughts on Ultimate vs. Magic?

kaskazi Duo AR

Native Ultimate 14’ tandem
Is an excellent choice for what you are wanting. I’ve paddled both the 14’ tandem and solo several times, renting one or the other when I want to take the dog with me. The seats are excellent, and the boats provide very easy in and out due to stability of the tunnel hull design. My 14 year old daughter stands up in and poles in the ultimate. The tandem is the better choice for flexibility. They also offer a nice range of accessories for fishing, skirts, etc.

Drawback is getting some water in the boat from paddle drippage, and the relativly light load rating for the tandem.