Touring solos

Having paddled both the Bell Magic and Sawyer Shockwave at Wrightsville, I love them both but perhaps like the Shockwave a trace more. My primary goal is a flatwater solo that can track in the wind and hold enough gear for overnight trips.

My friends feel the Magic might be the better boat for this, but I spoke with Bruce Studebaker at Sawyer who naturally feels the Shockwave would be a great choice. I weigh about 220 (ugh).

Anyone have any tripping experience with the Shockwave. Wesd had great luck with the Magic on a Boundary Waters trip.


Another thread

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You might want to check out a thread I started on 'Solo Cruiser Advice' on this same board. There is quite a bit of good information there and the Shockwave is mentioned. It's a beautiful boat, I just got an e-mail back from Bruce Studebaker this morning. It's at the front of my considerations.
Good luck!

I followed that thread
It doesn’t quite address the issue of suitability for overnights though. Thanks.


I love my Voyager. I’m lighter than you, and I can handle it in what, for this area, is relatively stiff wind. I always paddle it empty too. You do have to learn to adjust trim a little bit, but it really is fairly manageable after you learn the boat. It’s fast, and it will certainly carry 220 lbs + gear for a night or two with ease.

I sent you an email.

Got it