Touring Yak for a big guy

I’ve caought the kayak bug and now I’d like a touring yak for lakes instead of using my rec yak or SOT. I’m 6’5" 300#'s. I’ve been looking at the Carolina 16 and the Tsunami 145. Do any of you have experience with either boat. The Tsunami 145 has a rating of 500# while the Carolina 16’s rating is 425#'s. I can buy a barly used 1 y/o Carolina 16 at a fair price so I’m going to test paddle it on Sunday. Is it worth my time to try and find a Tsunami 145 someplace to paddle?

Big guy kayak
Go to this site

Wes hasn’t updated his site in 6 months or so (I think he burned out on kayaking) but it’s an excellent source of info on kayaks for the big guys, since Wes is a big guy himself. Also has a lot of really nice articles on just paddling and enjoying the day.

Tsunami 145
I’m 6’4" 275lbs and I currently paddle a Pungo 140 and it works well but I recently tested a Tsunami 145 and really enjoyed it. It is going to be my next kayak.

Prijon Kodiak
I went 250 when I paddled one extensively…The fit was a tad loose (so it might be just right for you)but the boat handled beautifully.

Speaking from experience…

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I am 270 Lb, so I feel I can chime in here.

If you are looking for a rotomolded kayak, check out the Old Town Adventure XL-139. I had one of these and it is a nice kayak. It is more of a recreational kayak, with sea kayak style. Plus it has two bulkheads with hatches for flotation or dry storage. It is a nice kayak for the money. It is 13'9" long, by 28" wide, available with or without a rudder. Mine didn't have a rudder, and I never needed one.

If you are more of a serious kayaker, and you are interested in composite, you HAVE to check out the Impex Assateague. I have one of them and it is a SUPER kayak for the big guy, as it was designed for the big guy right from the start. The cockpit opening is a bit oversize, and I find it very easy to get in and out of. It is 17'10" long, by 22.5" wide, and it has a skeg. Initial stability is decent, and secondary stability is very good. With a little lean it turns very easily, and a little skeg works very well when it is windy. I am very pleased with this kayak. Danny from Impex told me his one sales rep weighs 295, and still packs it with gear for trips. It will handle your weight well.

Good luck in your search, and happy paddling!

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Yaks for big guys
Necky has the Tesla in fiberglass or kevlar. I’ve paddled and still own mine for several years. 250 and 6’1

Old Town
Trust me. Check out the old Town Adventure XL160. It’s perfect for us big guys.

I ended up with…
a almost brand new (had less than ten scratches on the hull) Carolina 16 w/rudder and a spray skirt for $775 a few weeks ago. I really like this yak. Yesterday was the first time I paddled my America 13.5 since I got the Carolina and I couldnt believe the difference. Someone here a few days ago said “once you paddle a touring yak your rec yak will feel like a bathtub.” That’s kinda what it felt like with that giant cockpit. I still like my Ameriaca 13.5 and will use it when I paddle shallow rivers but my Carolina 16 is my main boat. Once I learn all the skills that I want to learn I may want to move up the rung but for now I’m set. I have a SOT for WW a rec yak for friends and rocky shallow rivers and and a touring boat for flatwater.