No reviews on Am starting to hear good things about this boat. Any owners out there who can comment on it? The blurb from Prijon sounds impressive giving this boat all the attributes of a sea kayak along with regular day touring…HMMM…how much of this is hype?

Do you mean Seayak?

No this one is made by Prijon and is called the touryak.

sounds good…just need to find a dealer

Touryak - a review
I haven’t paddled on, or even seen one.

I give it a ten.

I’ve sat in a Touryak but have not
demoed it. It seems very well-constructed and is comfortable. I have another Prijon product and I think the company makes good poly yaks.

Looking for an obviously elusive review of this critter.

Are you in the U.S.?

The US distributor doesn’t list it…

It seems to be a slightly longer and wider “Motion”.

At 58lbs, seems a bit heavy for a 15’ boat…

I give it an 8…

yep in the US
can’t find a dealer anywhere…

Try Appomattox River Co in Virginia
Last October I sat in a Touryak in the showroom of the Appomattox River Company in Farmville, Virginia. On the basis of fit, and quality of construction, I decided on the Tsumani of Wilderness Systems. The web site of Appomattox is

I demo’d one…
…and quite liked it. It’s on my list for my

next boat. It had a lot of features about it

that are typically found only on more expensive

boats: adjustable thigh braces, a comfortable

seat, and foot pegs which I feel are far superior to the “Keepers” found on most US boats.

The plastic is very strong.

I put a roll of toilet paper in the water-proof

hatch and went out wet exiting and trying to

roll it.

At the end, I swear the paper was drier than it

was when I started out!

Dollar for dollar, I think it’s one of the best boats on the market.

DISCLAIMER: I do not now nor have I ever worked

for Prijon or wildwasser and I’ve never made any

money from them. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Your milage may vary. Tax

title and dealer prep not included.

The US dealer does list it… Go to the touring button in the

left margin, then under multipurpose boats.

The Touryak is wider and shorter than the well-known Seayak. So it’s slower, but more stable. Lot’s of space, big cockpit. The Motion is the smaller brother of the Touryak. Both need a rudder in windy seas. The PE is excellent. It’s not a true sea kayak, but okay for calm conditions. You should demo one. Maybe the Seayak too, and the Yukon expedition also.

chose the tsunami?
Curious as to your reasons for choosing the Tsunami?

Tsumami choice
The Tsunami was better designed overall. As I recall the Touryak had protusions and silly design features that could be problems. It was not as finely finished (rough seams, etc.). This surprised me as I expected better from a German company. I may be wrong, but I think it is made in two parts and welded together and the seams were evident. See the Prijon website for details: I fit better in the Tsunami. But that was awhile ago…