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I have read alot about camping out of kayak. I was wondering if there was a raft thing that could be towed behind to carry equipment or other things. If it were small enough with the right shape it would reduce drag and would make camping in small kayak possible. what is everyones thoughts on this.

Sounds more like work than fun.

seen it done
I saw a fella that towed at wilderness systems kaos sit on top behind his normal kayak. He towed it with extra gear on it to Cape Lookout. Once there he used it for playing in the surf.

I’ve done it.Towed a Keoee and a 50 pound child.

Definatly not fun.

Maybe for a half mile tops.I know I wouldnt do it again.

I assume you are doing this because you don’t think you can fit your gear in a kayak? There is a lot more space in even a small touring kayak than you have in a backpack, so it is pretty easy to do multiple day trips out of a kayak.

I was just curious. I am sure I could fit it all in the kayak. Just would not have alot of extra room. also I really dont know how much weight I could take on the boat, low capacity.

I’ve towed kayaks, several times . . .
Using a 12’ bungee line, stern to bow. Only on mostly flat, slow moving water. Had my wife in it on her first time paddling, and it was getting dark. She pretended to paddle a little, but I think she hindered more than helped.

I hardly noticed much extra effort, but it was only for 2 miles. I think a big difference was I was in a 16’, 80# SOT tandem with my boys in the front at the time, and she was in a 35# 9.5’ sit-in rec. I think the momentum and glide I was getting from that beast aided in tugging her along.

I’ve also towed my 10 year old son in the same 9.5 footer when he was tired, and I was only in an 11’ sit-in rec then. Same deal, not much extra effort to me.

I’ve often thought that if I wanted to do a long trip and needed more room than I could fit in my kayak, I’d take that 9.5’, pack it up and tow it along. I don’t think I could break any speed records, but it would work . . . .


or ya’ll could get a canoe for when you want to take everything including the kitchen sink with you camping.

Where would this be?
I can think of environments where it would be a bad idea on safety issues, like if the trip included floating along any moving water/current or ocean waves and high winds or really tricky motor boat traffic. I can think of other environments where it would just be a haul. But even there you are managing 2 kayaks on water as well as on land, including securing them on the beach and launching again.

Is there a reason that, should camping become interesting, you couldn’t look around for a used kayak with more capacity? It wouldn’t have to be super expensive, in fact for that kind use a beat up plastic kayak is less fuss because you can drag it up as needed and not worry about scraping on rocks at the launch.

Generally a bad idea it seems. Use a
boat suitable for your trip. Towing is generally for safety/emergency needs and not something you want to do as an everyday practice. If you plan to paddle open water and the sh** stirs up,you might say goodbye to your tow boat and everything in it, or you could be saying goodbye to both boats and fine pnet poster. The word burden is what is coming to mind. There is always trial and error, but be willing to cut and run.

The problem is control…
…or more specifically, lack thereof. It’s one thing to tow another kayak with a paddler in it who can help to keep it in line and prevent it from running up on you in moving water, but you have zero control over an unmanned towed boat. In any kind of wind or waves, you’re likely to run into trouble. I’ve been with a kayaking group that used a canoe as a “tow pig” to carry a large amount of camping gear to an island for a long weekend. In addition to the towing paddler(s), it required another kayak attached to the stern of the canoe to control the canoe’s motion in the wind and waves.

I think…

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I think you need to re-evaluate the boat you have. If you can't pack the gear you need/want into the boat you currently own; it might be time to consider an upgrade.

I don't think the tow behind craft is a good idea
at all. Creates safety issues, and I think it will quickly become a big hassle. The longer the trip; the bigger the hassle. The faster the water; the faster the safety issues escalate.


Thanks all.

I was asking cause the kayak I just got for practically free (25)is a little smaller but I will just be using this during college most likely there is not alot of time that I even get to use this but if I decided to do it I thought it might of been more comfortable. Thanks again all I think I will just cram it in there if i decide to do this one day soon.

Storage tow
My suggestion is a sm rec. style kayak. Equip in dry bags bungied down works great. your big challenge will be wind, current that pulls your tow from side to side. The solution, can be fabricated easily. No photo but think about a small pole ladder between both yaks. Done right, you now have 1 long kayak that virtually eliminates all issues. (not for surf or rough conditions)

I have one in the works
I currently have a patent on one now and am in the testing phase. This has been a question I have heard over and over again. So I spent the last 2 year developing it. If you are interested it owning one when I am ready to market. Email me: dan (at) roncomp (dot) net and I will give you updates on our progress as well as our youtube video testing.

Thanks Dan

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I’d like to tow?
So I have an Advanced Elements Straightedge Anglerand a Point 65 North Tequila. Both 10’.

I wanted to pull the Tequila behind with most of my gear. There isn’t too much space on either yak. But if I were to tow it AND use a Windpaddle

Sail, do you think it would work better with a

Minor sail?



Check this out…
I know this is an old post but…

check out Kayak Kaddy @

Towing with kayaks
While kayaking on a slow creek I towed a large canoe down the river. I had someone sit in the back of the canoe just to help control it, but steering was very difficult at times. If you are trying to do this in low water, or a creek not very wide it will be very annoying and slow you down. On flat water like a large pond or lake, no problem.

Hello Dean , interesting in some more information as i have a trip planed
, i have had many thoughts on towing < a life rafts for Kayaks
My journey will start this year , and will experience high seas
Thers no better experience than the experience ,to improve
what is required

                   Have a safe Day  Mark

Ok, towing from a kayak sucks. It is the best way to get wrapped up around a tree, piling, wave crest, etc. You need to go to you tube and look at how towing is done properly. Tying lines to unaccessible places on the boat works if everything is calm. It’s better to pack like a back packer not a car camper and ditch the cargo tow.

I will look for video when connection is better.

If you attach to the stern of your karak you will find the tow putting turning moves at inopportune times on your boat.