Tow in wave ski

Big wave butt surfing…

Sorry it is a FB link

I saw the FB posts, that guy is an animal. So called “small day” at Nazarre. I hope his back survives, he does amazing aerials too.

Yeah, It’s bit krazee. Unlike boardies who can jump off the board and just tuck to minimize ragdolling, a waveskier is strapped in and will get yanked/torgued around by the breaking wave in a capsize.

I also surprised by his choice of board. Looks like a high performance model and is bouncing along on the bumps on the waveface. I would think a longboard “gun” type of waveski would be better.

Anyway. Watching that stuff is as close I am going get these days. My last double overhead stuff was prior to heart valve surgery and blown out knee. Got to accept the physical limitations of age.


Yes we do, and it’s frustrating.

Just following your lead, string. :slight_smile:


That being the case, I just picked up the new to me upgraded 20 y o canoe so Honey can go paddling with me. I’ll get the new seats in today or tomorrow and we’ll be ready. We’re wasting sunlight.