Towing a kayak with a motorcycle

I have a Honda 750 Aero and I am thinking of towing my QCC kayak behind it. I know it can be done. As to the safety of it, well, I have been warned about crosswinds when towing that kind of stuff. This yak is about 16 feet long also.I would need a lightweight trailer to tow him but not so light that crosswinds’ll affect my riding safety.

Can anyone recommend what they might use to do the job? Then I can truly live up to my moniker on my forums-kayakinbiker…I would have to try to camp in relatively less hilly terrain also if I ever get to tow my yak-wouldn’t want my yak causing me to bounce all over the place too much…are there any manufacturers out there that specifically sell trailers for bikes and yaks?Thanks in advance guys!


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Castlecraft...scroll down to the pic....


Back about 1970
On the River Great Ouse, in Huntingdonshire, UK I saw a couple of blokes on a BSA 650 with a sidecar (Does anyone remember Birmingham Small Arms? Does anyone remember sidecars?) pull into the boat landing with a rowboat, about 10 ft long in tow on its trailer. I seem to remember that back then, the 650 Thunderbolt was available in a sidecar model - 3 fwd gears and reverse.

Rack and Roll

Sports Rig

Doesn’t have a photo with a motorcycle, but it does list it.

(Does anyone remember Birmingham Small Arms?)

Sure do! Ah’ gots an old BSA Martini International Match rifle. Same company built motorcikels an’ shootin’ irons.


Since I once owned a motorcycle
and since I used to pull trailers (6 to 36-canoe haulers) I am automatically elevated to “expert” status.

OK, so maybe I am just “informed”.

If I were you I would stick with motorcycle technology. that means a Sportsrig or Rack & Roll trailer. The MUT is a fine trailer, but has leaf springs where the two others have a trailing arm with coil-over-shock suspension. That ought to be a more supple ride for your QCC - and ought to track better over bumps too.

Be forewarned: I have pulled a trailer with a mountain bike (a BOB trailer) , and having a weight doing strange things behind a two-wheel vehicle makes for “interesting” handling. Nothing that cannot be overcome, or compensated for, but…different.


I know Tom pulls his
He was towing his kayak with his Goldwing up at the Wisconsin trip. I have looked at towing my canoe with my LC1500. For the price of the trailer and hitch…I can buy a lot of gas for the ol’ truck!

and they were showing off a new, lighter trailer with a 2 boat capacity at the Outdoor retailer show last month. looks HOT!

Harley steve

Beware the leaf spring!
As mentioned before, a trailer with leaf springs will be a bouncy ride for a kayak. Rubber torsion suspenders or a trailing arm system should provide a much better ride for your boat and impart less “feedback” into your bike chassis. Larger diameter wheels/ tires will help the ride as well, but increase weight.

Thought About TowingToo
But the manual for my Virago specifically says no towing or sidecars.

I think the SUT 200S will suit my needs. D*mn!! Another toy! Oh well, I think I’ll be ahuling my ya next year!!WOOHOO!!

Trust me, just hauling my gear
on my bike took some getting used to after breaking my back the other year…

Ah manuals…
They also tell ya not to modify your exhaust…or your bars…I changed both of those for comfort and safety…