towing kids in an inflatable

I would like to tow some kids on an inflatable towing “inner tube” with my kayak. Any thought on this?

Eat your Wheaties
I may be wrong, but I think you’ll get pretty tired pretty fast.

been there done that
Celia is right eat your wheaties. I towed my kid in a K1 Avenger 1 man inflatable with my Old Town rush on a couple of windy days. it was a serious workout.


Some are better than others
Some inflatables are quite efficient, i.e., not retangular, so those are much much easier.

Of course do practice getting them back in. I have seen a single mom with 4 7 year olds all the water froma boat wake who could not get them back in, pretty frightening as the wind was blowing them away from her as well. If I had not helped might have been tragic.

Definately eat your Wheaties
I towed a broken down motorboat and two occupants about 2 miles through the Golden Gate on Thursday. Great workout and slow going even though the current was with me.

No fun
I towed 4 kids in an inflatable raft that the wind got hold of and was blowing away. Only maybe 100-150 yards to get them back in, but that was enough. Slow going. Like a giant suction cup on the water.

Golden Gate

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Chuck, they should put YOUR picture on the box of Wheaties for doing that! That's a good day's paddle.

With the inflatable, I'd be concerned about a head wind. Even if you're going downstream on a river it'll be tough going.

I would like to tow some kids on an…
…inflatable inner tube. Any thoughts on this one?

I have a thought. It’s foolish.

I am sure you’re a nice young guy, and some of your posts are really classics (Gray thing in the bow), but please, this is getting a little old, Pamlico_140.

Scanning thru posts too quickly?

jgoie – the question posted was…
…a one liner: short, sharp, and left of center. Staccato Pamlico_140 style question, so assumed this was a Pamlico alias, Celia.

Too well-asked I think
From what I’ve read of the Palmlico posts, I’m thinking that it is either a kid or an adult who has some talent at warping their writing to create the typical awkwardness you see from younger persons. I’ve been known to adopt other personas in my writing style for a good cause, and while I’ve never tried a young person I don’t see any reason it can’t be done. Though it’s admittedly not even - there have been a couple of moments that decidedly more adult wording came thru.

Towed a Jet Ski
Don’t know what I was thinking!

They were trying to paddle it back to the launch ramp with their arms. They were exhausted and the wind started blowing them out. It was slow but I got them in. Actually a short paddle.

Regarding rafts, it works best with a raft that has an inflatable floor. But it does work and we do it all the time, in sheltered waters.

in my rush…
I think just about anything is a work out if it isn’t down stream.


I towed…
Uphill, with no shoes, in the snow…

Okay, I did tow my daughter about 2 miles in a kayak and that was tough enough…I can’t even imagine a motorboat w/2 people.