Towing supplies behind the kayak

I was wondering if it is possible to tow behind a smaller raft carrying lighter-weight, extra supplies? I’m going on a 7 day + trip in a two person kayak and food/water will not be possible to pick up along the way so we are wondering if towing a small raft (type decided later) would be of benefit or just a hinderance. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


towing cargo
Darn good question and I’m interested to see the answers. I used to do a lot of bicycle touring with panniers etc until I discovered a trailer and wow, what a nice difference. I’m sure there will be issues with the tow boat snagging, coming up over the stern in following seas and such but P-net readers are such a resourceful group there’s got to be some great insight.

depends on wind/wave conditions
are you on a flat lake?

Good question!
I too would love to know if anyone has done this. We just did a weekend trip with our rec kayaks, and it was a really tight fit. I joked to my husband that we needed a trailer to tow behind!

a bigger boat.

Just take turns…
Towing each other around for a couple of hours then decide. hehehehe

Its no big problem on a lake or slow
river. Sure, there’s drag and you’ll go slower. The problem may be in the size of the raft and its quality. An el cheapo won’t hold up and you’ll lose your goodies. Too big of a raft, and it’ll be no fun. All and all, though, pack light and leave the raft at home, or get canoe if you really need to carry a heavy load.

unless you are in salt water,why not carry a small water filter/purifier instead??

Of course, if its big water, no rapids,
a houseboat might be more appropriate.

My LIMITED experience
I’ve towed my loaded kayak behind my canoe on lakes for a short (2-3 miles) distance in good weather. I had it mostly loaded with light objects like sleeping bags in waterproof bags.

Where you tie to the tow-boat is important. In a 'yak, tieing to the stern will enable the towed craft to affect your vector (direction) with a leveraged advantage. It is best (I believe) to tow from the pivot point of the towing craft, in this case possibly you, the paddler.

A rescue vest is set up for this type of action with a QUICK RELEASE. You need to have a quick release option to free yourself from the towed craft for reasons noted by others above.

Inflatable rafts are noted for their ability to catch the wind. Be aware of this, a towed craft may behave as if it has an ornery and malicious mind of it’s own.

Towing is not optimal, but I’ll doubtless do it again.

Change boats
I would strongly suggest changing from one 2 person to 2 singles. This should give you a great increase in storage and still give you the speed and control you’ll need.