I have a 2001 toyota camery 2.2 L I am wanting to two a Honda civic behind it is it possable

The car has to tow the other car 2000 miles from fl to wyo

This isn’t really the right kind of forum for car questions but me being a car guy too. I can tell you NO. Camery cars were NEVER meant to tow anything let alone another car 300 miles let alone 2000 miles.

Um - why are you moving two cars with one driver? It seems to me if the other car has a useful purpose, that is someone to drive it, they should be driving it. Assuming the Honda is running since I don’t see a reason to bring a dead car more than halfway across the country.


Whoops, update on running the procedure. I am having trouble being recognized to make these changes, apparently some issue in a config file. I just let Brian know, but for the moment it looks like someone else will have to do this.