Toxic fish inquiry

Is there a resource in North Carolina that details which areas and which fish are have the lowest contaminants and are the safest to eat? I would like to know what the toxicity risks are with taking specific fish from different specific areas in the state.

talk to the game and inland fisheries people, they can usaualy tell you anything you need to know, we have a warning on the james in va. i talk to them and was told that va. is real strict and that you probably get as much mercury out of a can of tuna as you would one of the fish.

"fish consumption advisories"
Every state has them - and most folks in fisheries offices can point you in the right direction:

Note that there are usually different levels for children, pregnant women, and everybody else.

When in doubt, eat the smallest legal fish and release the big old ones that have been around longer and accumulated more toxins.

toxic fish…Yup…
You can look up NC State Wildlife Commission. You can find it on the webb or you can email them for a fishing newsletter. The recommended amount of servings per month are also listed in the fishing regulations dept. I’m on the eastern edge of the state, on the Pasquotank River. They don’t think you should eat too heartily from most of the rivers or sounds. Especially for pregnant women. The fish contain heavy metals…or that was the last thing I read about them. Good luck. Catch 'em, take a picture, and fling the things back. LOL