toy/miniature canoe

I am trying to find a 2-3 ft. canoe for a gift from our Boy Scout troop to one of the leaders who turns 70 in January. He has been in Boy’s Life and Scouting magazines because he goes to Northern tier to teach winter survival camping. He goes to Boundary Waters at least 8 times a year and canoes many times at home. We’d like to sign the canoe from all the troop members. Any ideas? THANKS

These are often available on eBay, in kit form or completed. Like these:

And on craft sites like Etsy:

Would this work?

Google "party pirogues"
See if that would work for you.

Me personally, I’d rather have a nice paddle signed by all the kids than a 3 ft canoe I’d need a place for. I’d even prefer a cheap feather paddle with the pack number and signed by the kids, easier to hang on the wall than a canoe.

I like the paddle idea.

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And I've admired some old ash beavertails hanging in venerable summer camps in Maine decorated - sometimes "pyrographed" - and signed by the campers. Real heirlooms.

Good idea
Shaw and Tenney ( will even engrave it to go along with the signatures.

Shaw & Tenney
I think the paddle is an excellent idea – I see besides the paddles and engraving that Shaw & Tenney also make miniature canoes, so they would be your best resource for this commemorative award however you choose to have it made.

My experience

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I actually got a very nice plaque to add to my varied collection of "appreciation" plaques. Most of those plaques are boxed up somewhere........

In retrospect, I would rather have received a paddle, signed by all the kids in the scout troop that I worked with for several years.

Even better than a paddle or a plaque was being invited to be a member of their Philmont expedition, and having all my expense paid. Unforgetable, and much appreciated.


Bass Pro Shops have them

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though not as big as you might want

I agree, a signed Beavertail wood paddle
cheap and easy to find, easy to hang, much better.

If any kids in your troop are into woodburning they could do a cool inscription.