Toyota Corolla Roof Rack

Specifically what racks would someone use for a Toyota Corolla? I have the nordkapp at 17’9 feet and it wouldn’t seem all that safe transporting a boat that’s longer than the car. Has anyone had any experience with the whispbar? What constitutes as a dangerous spread on a car with a boat that big? Thanks your help

don’t believe the hype

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I cartop a 17' boat with a rack with 30" spread and have been doing so for years. You might be surprised at how few cars offer a greater spread.
Use front and rear tie downs, and get an extender if it makes you feel safer; there are a few including one made for long surfskis that looks great, but I can't recall the manufacturer. Hopefully someone else jumps in with product info.

Many ways to carry
There’s nothing unusual about carrying a long boat on a short car. With the right equipment and attention to safety, it’s no problem. The longer carriers slushpaddler mentions make carrying long boats particularly easy and secure, but they’re not necessary. Having said that, I love my Kayakpro Easy-Vee, and would never go back to using saddles or J-cradles, but that’s just me.

I use a ford focus
to carry my W/S arctic hawk—17’11" and have a yakima system with j racks—I use to drive a toyota corolla with the same system and haul my tempest 170 around with it—never had a problem and drove through the tail end of a hurricane from ontario to Maine—winds 40-45 mph and heavy rain–as well as from Maine to Virginia—all with no front or rear straps—lately though as I get older I’ve gotten more cautious and have started using front and rear tie downs as well

thanks cardelo
That’s the one! Looks like a good option and if I ever get a ski, I’m adding one of those.

How has yours held up?

Holds up well
I put the carrier on in 2006 and it’s been no problem. I swap out the foam padding every year or two. I added a second carrier a couple years ago. I originally picked it because of a boat with no bow or stern tie down points, but it works well for anything, really, even lumber and a rolled up carpet.

I use a yakima roof rack on my corolla with a Malone Stax pro2 to hold my kayak.

Real solid

No problems
I haul 18ft canoes on a yakima rack with my 91 camry. I have the 78in bars and sometimes haul 2 17ft as well. Never a problem with the short spread.


Short Spread…
I had a 2002 Neon that only allowed a 25" spread with Yakima tower system. I hauled our 13.5’ 70+lb tandem rec kayak many hundreds of miles with only 16" foam blocks on the yakima bars, but I used bow/stern lines EVERY TIME.

Now with my 2007 Subaru Impreza Wagon (last year of the nice side rails) I get near 35" spread, upgraded to 22" foam blocks for the tandem (J-cradles for my solo 13’ kayak), I only use bow lines, and only for the longer trips (more than just the 10 miles to the lake) I will slap on a stern line.

Drive cautious, give EXTRA room, and brake early. That is actually how you should drive normally anyway… :slight_smile:

I use Whispbar on Corolla
I use Whispbar on a Toyota Corolla (called Rumion in Japan or Scion XB in USA).

The spread is brilliant (very wide) and is to date the best rack I have ever used on a car, by far.

See image at:

Inno Rack for Corolla
I purchased an Inno Rack and Kayak Stacker. After a lot of research, this brand was a great alternative to Yakima and Thule. I got a complete setup at 50% of the cost, and I am extremely impressed with the quality. It is a solid setup… I carry a two rec boats (10’ and 12’) with no problems. Inno is a Japanese company and has a full line of accessories for carrying kayaks/canoes. I got mine from Onion River Sports.

Here are some pics:

Big Kayak/ Little Car
In an effort to save fuel, I wanted to carry a long kayak on a Corolla, but I didn’t want to spend enough money to buy another boat just on a rack. I had a used $30 bike rack and bolted two 2X2s to support a plywood rib as high as the roof. I carry with a pad on the front of the roof, and the rear rib. The supports are 8’ apart. I can remove the bolts and use the rack again for two bikes.

Wish I could post a picture.