Toyota FJ roof racks

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Time for a new company car. Most everyone has gotten the Toyota Sienna Van but hearing a different drummer I am putting in for the FJ Crusier. Don't ask me why other then I am tired of mini vans after 20 years and I have a personel car if I have to make a long trip.Don't know what they will do but in the mean time I am doing the important things like seeing if anyone like Yakima and Thule make a rack for the FJ. In looking I don't see that they do other then maybe adapting something to the factory racks. Anyone been down this road. BTW I am 64 the sales guy says " Wow I think your the oldest guy whoever came in here looking for the FJ"

What I did…
Being too cheap to buy new towers for my Yakima rack…I took the ones I got to fit my Ford Explorer factory rack and modified them with stainless steel worm clamps that wrap around the FJ’s factory rack. I’m certain that Yakama has something that will work. The Xtera has similar tubes and I’ve seen bars attached to them.

We’ve had our FJ now for almost five years. We’ve had no problems with it other than a bearing in the output shaft of the transmission at around 1,000,000 miles. Instead of just replacing the bearing Toyota put in a whole new trans.

Mark Morrall

Morrall River Films

Thanks Mark
But 1,000,000 miles in 5 years. Man you got to get out and stretch your legs.

it’s up to 135,000,000 miles now. We drive very long distances just to paddle and see new places.

The FJ can take it though, still not so much as a rattle or noise coming from it. Best truck we’ve ever had.

Mark Morrall

Morrall River Films


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You realize 135 million miles means you've gone as far as the moon and back 270 times, right?

one thing
Not to say you will, but quite a few people have difficulties putting kayaks and what not up on tall SUVs.

Additionally, I like being able to drive into my garage without having to unload kayaks first or think about unloading them.

Other than that - yes, there are racks for FJs- I saw at least one FJ with racks in Anchorage, AK.

I do like me some zeros don’t I?

No problem
Other then it will never be a kayak but a canoe. Been putting canoes on full size vans and pick ups for years. Of course being 6’4" helps with that. I will admit that the wood canvas boats get a little heavier every year. The tractor and other implements own the barn. Trucks and cars stay in the yard.

no sweat
Can’t give you a reference, but I saw some wicked crossbars for FJ long time ago - very professional looking, following the whole FJ routine.

My brother is 67 and he bougt one 2 years ago!


LOL…when I read this post I was thinking of you, but had no idea what your Email address was :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Toyota FJ
Looks like a nice vehicle…nice wheelsize(with space) for being standard…

Oh well
They did not go for the FJ but what the heck a new Sienna that I don’t have to pay for is OK with me.

A job and a new Sienna sound good.