Toyota Highlander rack - two canoes


Looking for suggestions regarding roof racks for a Toyota Highlander.

Key criteria is need to securely carry two canoes.

Also, I would like to be able to quickly and easily install and remove the rack.

I can easly carry one boat with my Subaru Forester, but for those days when I need to carry two boats, I have wife’s permission to use her Highlander.

I have looked on-line at the Thule and Yakima racks. It apppears that the round bars of the Yakima might be a bit more user friendly.

Thanks very much for your advice.


I have the Yakima racks for my Highlander, and have had no problems with them so far. Just get crossbars that are long enough to handle two canoes.

I’ve been using Thule’s on my Highlander and carry two canoes with no problems - I have the long 78" bars. I also use the tow hook that fits into the front bumper as a tie off point - works great. Using two works better though. You can buy an extra from your dealer.

I have always admired
the rails that Toyota puts on the Highlander. Why don’t other manufacturers run their rails the whole way to the front of the roof? Subaru, are you listening to me?

Just wish I could justify the extra gas expense compared to my Outback.

But to answer your question, as others have already done, get longer bars and go for it. You should have no problems.


Good idea about the tow bolts!!
I have been looking under the front end for something to tie to and forgot all about the tow bolts.

I assume that you just attach them when carrying your boat(s).

Also, from reading other similar posts, I thought that the limit on the length of the bars is supposed to be the vehicle’s width - 71.9 inches, so that would limit me to the 66 inch bars, right?



Correct about only using the bolts when carrying the boats - they screw in and out quite readily.

The 78" bars do overhang past the sides of the vehicle but not the past the side mirrors. Just watch your head when getting out.

State Laws?
Not sure if it varies by state or not, but in NJ (and I think NY) the width of the bars cannot extend past the width of your side mirrors. That doesn’t mean that the cop who pulls you over knows that either…