Toyota Matrix rear tiedown points?

Looking to buy a new Matrix XR and found pretty decent tiedown/lashpoints on the front end, but nothing in the rear. The two main frame members back there, made of square steel tubing, seem to have some kind of threaded inserts in them, possibly allowing the installation of a pair of long eye-bolts?

Wondering if anyone else here has already solved this problem?

2004 Matrix XRS here
Assuming your kayak is 60 lbs or less, (because the Matrix roof won’t handle much more than that, check owner’s manual for exact restrictions)

Use the two D-rings are the front right and front left attachment points for the tonneau cover). Use either the racheted seat belt style tie-downs of the appropriate length - make sure you have an extra couple of feet to wrap the ends securely. Driven about 400 miles using this as part of my tiedown system - no problems

Even better: I recently tried Thule

855 quick draw tiedowns there - already use them in the front - and they are even better, faster to use and more adjustable.

Congrats on owning a great economically beautifully designed CUV - for kayak-toting 'n other pursuits :wink:

Top Ties…
Maybe you can find a spot to install these:

Installation Info:

I have used them before, and they work great.

My Rav4 has the threaded inserts
in the front bumper behind two removable panels. These are contact points for attatching a tow/pull cable. The big eyebolt is in the pouch with the jack and lug wrench.

60 lbs. ??!!
Is that correct? I haven’t bought the car yet, and cannot find the Owners Manual online, but that weight limit would barely accommodate my Yakima roof rack and one kayak. Doesn’t seem very ‘utilit’-arian …

I assume the ‘tonneau cover’ is the semi-rigid thing that conceals the cargo area in the Matrix? If so, how would one attach tiedown straps to the cover’s D-rings (which are inside the vehicle) and to the stern of the kayak (which, of course, is outside the car)? And are those D-rings strong enough to drag a flailing boat …?

Thanks for the ratchet-strap recommendation!

the Matrix has those too…
in the front, most FWD cars have toeclips in the front… but the original poster was asking for rear tiedown points…

BTW I drove a RAV4 betw 1998- Spring 2004 before I got the Matrix… loved that lil SUV…

I have a set of the "Top Ties"
and they are great. They will work on any vehicle as there are a lot of ways to mount them, either using the grommets on a bolt or just looping them over a hatch lift, etc. Recommended!

If you have not bought the Matrix
The Scion Xb is a much better gear/boat hauler, costs a bit less and gets better mileage. It may not be your cup of tea style-wise, but several of my paddle buds have gone that way and have been very impressed. I am astonished by the head and legroom. Might be worth a look.

rear tiedowns
On my Subaru, I tied a couple of webbing loops around the chassis that come up between the bumper and the body to make easily accessible tie-in points.

don’t worry
The above poster mentioned a 60 lbs weight limit, I have no idea where he got that from. I routinely carry 90 lbs on the top of my matrix (bike 32 lbs and kayak is 60 lbs). I should mention that I have a custom Yakima roof rack system that is directly bolted to the top, not the “clips” system. I couldn’t be happier. I have never had any “too much weight” issues so I disagree with the previous poster.

In response to your original post, I too have not found a suitable tie-down point in the rear. I just don’t tie down the kayak in the rear! I have driven over 250 miles with the kayak not tied down in the back with not a single problem. I use Yakima hullyrollers in the back and mako saddle in the front and a Yakima down rope in the very front (the same model as the Thule that another poster mentioned but different branding).

Works great! Good luck.