Toyota matrix s rack options

Hey folks first time post here! My name is Josh and this summer myself and my wife are going to start kayaking St Andrews bay in panama city fl. Our plans are to both have mirage drive hobies but the first year budget puts my wife in her mirage drive and I’ll be in a cheaper 12 ft pelican. Hope to be able to find a sail for the pelican though.

I’m having trouble determining what I need for a roof rack on my 2009 toyota matrix s. My rain gutter has 4 mounting spots that look like they were made for a set of cross bars but I’m having a hard time finding something for that area. I’ve seen the detachable Thule and yakima towers that attach around the door but I just don’t know what would be best. I really like the idea of a bolt on permanent cross bar at the 4 rain gutter bolt points. Can some help point a complete novice to what I need? I’m looking for the balance between cost and quality that hopefully comes in under 300 bucks but I understand if that’s not doable. Once I got my cross bars I imagine I’ll be using j cradles to get two boats on the small car.

Thanks for any info and I look forward to joining this community.

start with Rack
once you have a list of components you can shop for them used on Ebay or CL to save. I just skimmed Ebay and there are used Thule components for your vehicle.

I looked at rack attack but there are so many options that I’m still overwhelmed with what I actually need. Everything there looks like the quick on and off towers also. I’m not against that but was first looking for something a bit more permanent. I’m new to this and may be chasing something that doesn’t exist.

Check out Thule, too

Just had a Thule setup installed on my bare roof 2016 Honda Fit.

Was driving a 2003 Toyota Matrix - loved that car and so sorry they discontinued it.

What about this

Would this work? Supposedly a Toyota factory part.

Same rack being sold a Toyota
dealer for $230.

I know nothing about racks and relied on the advice here and from my outfitter. Thule made what I wanted, plus they have a lifetime warranty. I had the installation done by a company which sells and installs kayak racks.

How do you plan to carry the kayaks on the rack? If with saddles or a J-bar, you’ll need to make sure they will fit that rack.

echo this
See if you can get the specs so you’ll be assured that the crossbars can carry the load. After that I’d try to work with thule or yakima to see if they can fit their components to it. I had factory crossbars on my subaru that were wing-shaped in cross-section, and Yakima made a wing-profiled fitting for the rack attachment I needed, so I was able to go that route.

How about this
I’m looking the the Thule traverse 480 feet with 50" square bars for 399.00 from thule. Is that kit all I will need besides j craddles? You folks think I could find something cheaper?


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That sounds about right for a new setup. Make sure you're getting a fit kit if you need it. If you want to save some money you know what to shop for on eBay or CL.
As for rack attachments there are all sorts of options and opinions. I've had cradles and don't care for them, I think they're bulky. If you want to carry multiple boats look at the stacker. Personally I just pad my crossbars with foam blocks and carry my boat on those.
Don't forget rope or straps, and f/r tie downs.