Toyota Sequoia Cartopping Advice Plz

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I ended up buying a Toyota Sequoia SUV. It has crossbars, factory Toyota. I prefer not to pull a trailer (tried it, didn't like it).

Any advice about rack systems that have given you success with this or other Toyotas would be appreciated greatly. I'm going to buy something for it, and respect the opinion of those that have already "invented the wheel".

Thank you in advance.

When a vehicle is named after a
gigantic, ancient tree, that suggests you need a hoisting system and lots of rope.

Realistically, though, you need to go to the Thule and Yakima websites and see what they offer for your vehicle.

Does the Sequoia last
500 or more years? We only could wish.

Just use foam pads
Dear cd1,

I know they aren’t $ 500.00 but they still work as well as they did 40 years ago. The fact that you can still buy them today is testament to their usefulness.

You can buy the rack you wish or you can just use the foam blocks and tie down straps and you’ll be all set.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

See also…
the Malone website if you intend to use the factory cross rails. They have cradles and saddles as well.

Do a search on this forum on roof racks, you’ll find other recommended systems as well.


SUV names are almost as funny as
the names of giant RV trailers. I like the “Armada.” And then there’s the little “Tribute.” To whom, or what? I saw an RV trailer called “Raptor.”

I’ve used foam pads, and still keep a
set in the trunk in case my rack is stolen or damaged. But though I’m pretty good with ropes, I’ve never gotten foam pads to work as well, in terms of solid security and lack of movement on the car, as I can easily obtain with a rack.

I don’t know about you, but I drive from Atlanta to Portland, or to Maine and Nova Scotia, or to the north shore of Lake Superior, and I am just not able to regard foam pads as suitable for that sort of thing.

I Second That:
Yakima or Thule towers and 58 inches long or more cross bars will do the trick. Remove or move the factory crossbars out of the way, for they are too short and made for more dainty stuff.

2010 Sequoia here
I have the Malone Sea Wings with the Stinger attachment on mine at 5’9" can load and unload my boat even when standing on a downslope.

The Stinger attachment even when fully extended doesn’t quite reach the end of the “spoiler” above the rear window. I’ll probably put down some vinyl film where the kayak rubs. The same spoiler also hits the kayak when opening the rear hatch door so I have to be sure to pack stuff before loading the boat or pack through the back window.

Not perfect but I can still back into the garage with the Sea Wings attached. That alone sold me on the product.

Thule or Yakima or both make roller type racks but I don’t know if they can be slid towards the back of the vehicle like the Stinger.