Toyota Yaris sedan front tiedown?

Does anyone here carry a long (17’-plus) kayak on one of these? How do you tie down the front?

I have Yakima racks, which are great, but at only 30" between the crossbars I think front and back tiedowns are a “must” for freeway driving. There seem to be 2 tie points down low on the back of the Yaris, but the front is a puzzle. Seems to be all flexible plastic where you’d hope for something strong to tie to.

Open the hood
and install these loops,-black?preferredSku=8183180001&cm_mmc=cse_froogle--pla--product-_-8183180001&mr:trackingCode=F18BAD36-F086-E011-9A77-001B21631C34&mr:referralID=NA&mr:adType=pla&{copy:s_kwcid}=&gclid=CPSQnceFwrICFcHe4Aodbg8Adg

loops in the engine compartment
That’s what several paddling friends do with their plastic fronted cars, toyota matrix, subaru, etc. The loops stick up through the gap between the hood and fender. then tie down through those.

Thanks, guys!

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I will buy those. Should I just tie them to the metal strut things spanning across where the headlights are?

Just noticed the Kayak Academy product isn't only a strap loop with grommet but has a length of something (garden hose?) attached to it - looks very clever.

On my Yaris, I use the screw-in eyebolt
meant for towing. On the front bumper there is a removable plastic piece which, when removed, allows the eyebolt to be screwed into the receptacle. I then tie down to eyebolt. Look in your owners manual under towing. The eyebolt comes with the car. Al

get the REI ones
They are cheaper and they are all you need.

There is no hose or anything attached to the others…that is something under the hood of the model car I think.

Or just take a 1’ piece of strap, fold it in two, burn/cut/melt a hole in it, and use it. Every car I have ever looked at has a bolt somewhere, just under the hood near the edge of the fender, to use. Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Saturn, etc. 10mm bolt head usually.

Or just take a slightly longer piece and tie an overhand knot in one end, insert the knot under each side of the hood and then close the hood so the knot is on the inside and the loop is on the outside.

Don’t look for a place under the front bumper. It a line ever comes loose, it could get under a tire and pull your canoe or kayak down into the rack and destroy it. Eye bolt on the Yaris included.

The positive of the strap under the edge of the hood technique, whether you buy ‘em or make your own, is NO PAINT DAMAGE. ANY strap or rope going down to an attachment point down by the front bumper, will rub on the paint of the grill or front of the hood, and will wear it off. Dont’ do it.


I’ve used the eyebolt with no problems
for the 3 years I’ve had my Yaris. With a 17’ long boat there’ll be no rubbing of straps or rope on front of car as bow of boat is way out in front. Al

Radiator support
"Should I just tie them to the metal strut things spanning across where the headlights are?"

Yes, technically called the radiator support, it is a strong place to anchor to.

Happy Paddlin !

I’ve always used Mule Tape
on all my vehicles. Just cut off a 12-18" length, open your hood, feed the line through a hole in the frame and tie it in a knot. Lay the loop over the fender and close the hood. When not in use you can put it down under the hood. I have one on each side.