TP and Fires

When the toilet paper gets short on the roll I’ll sometimes remove it, squeeze the roll, place it in a baggie and then store it in my pack. The reason is to have both dry TP and firestarter. The cardboard makes excellent firestarter when shredded. A friend asked why I was squeezing a roll the other day. So I thought I’d pass the answer on.

I thought…
Squeezing out a roll was what you did when you needed the TP…

Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!
Well, actually that’s a good use of what would otherwise get thrown away.

I like to use tea candles as firestarters when I don’t have a lot of tinder. It’s especially helpful when using one of those awful lighters that doesn’t like to keep a flame live for more than the barest fraction of a section. All I have to do is light the candle and then put away the lighter.

Just have to pack out the little tin cup after the fire is out cold.

Be Prepared
It is a great idea to squeeze the charmin for that special emergency.

As for starting the fire. Try packing cotton balls and a jar of vasaline. Dip the cotton ball in the petroleum jelly and it lights quickly and will not blow out.