TR- Maul Hammock in Okefenokee Swamp

Back in 2007 a wildfire burned thru the Okefenokee Swamp and destroyed several camping platforms. A couple of years of drought made the water levels too low to get in and repair the platforms. Finally had a couple of Tropical Depressions come thru and dump enough rain to be able to clear the trails and open them to the public again. They did a real good job rebuilding the Maul Hammock platform. From Kingfisher Landing to Maul Hammock is 12 miles.

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I have a good story about a camping trip we did in the old scout cabin on Billy’s Island, (if it is still there.

Before we left the ranger warned us that the Island was crawling with Canebrake Rattlers, and to not leave the path that led from the water to the cabin. He said that the campers before us saw so many that they didn’t even stay overnight.

As ones who loves snakes, reptiles and all other critters, we were excited and thought sure we would see a few. We tramped all over the island and through the densist underbrush that we could find and never saw a one.

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enjoyed the pics,
that’s an area in the Oke I haven’t paddled so I was curious to check it out. Looks very open and exposed; I like the diversity of the swamp.