TR - Nine Carries in 'Dacks

A group of four did the nine carries, with variations, this week.

We put in on Long Pond, did the 1.6 mile carry, with a neat paddle across a beaver pond w/ ice like sheet glass, to Bessie Nellie, hopped to Kir Fox, hopped to Little Long, hopped to Fish Pond, all esker divisions, then paddled to the flow into little Fish, enjoying, maybe, the best campsite in the Adks for moments before paddling to the Clamshell Carry head.

The carry to Clamshell, ~.9 mile was wet and slippery. We saw the St Regis Mtn firetower through the outlet gap, but paddled on to the Turtle Pond carry, ~ 1.2 miles, which was blissfully dry as it is mostly downhill. From Turtle, we scrapped across a shallows into Slang Pond, hopped our last esker back into Long pond and drove the final ~ 2.3 miles back to the cars into a relentless wind.

12 Miles, about half carry, half paddling, through the wildest part of the Adirondacks, all for a phot shoot for Adk Life magazine. Took us 8 hours, maybe 2+ of those committed to image collecting, so figure 6 hours to repeat without a world class photographer.

Neat trip, enhanced by ultra light hulls, except we didn’t have any. Dave Cilley was in a wood trimmed Placid RapidFire, 29#, Griz Caudle and Mark Bowir were in a Bell NorthStar, 44#, I toted a Loon Works Nakoma, 34#.

So, we did the Nine Carry rout in thirteen, which I can’t explain; something to do with eskers.

You mean Mark Bowie?

A canoe has to weigh enough to serve
as a steadying influence during a rocky portage. Them flyweight canoes are no better than a newspaper hat.

55lbs and flattened
on a rocky portage.

33 lbs and dont sink in loonshite.

Let us know
when the piece appears in ADK Life. I have experienced teh ADKs on foot, on snowshoe, and on XC ski, but so far never via water.