Tracer 165

Has anyone surfed a Tracer? Has anyone tried to put a 200 pound butt into one? Just curious.

I test paddles one

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I test paddled one but no surf. Didnt fit me very well. The side of the kayak next to seat was against my hips, not comfortable for me. Iam only 5'8" 165lbs. Plus the one i test paddled the skeg was broken and once you stopped paddling it would start to veer off then rapidly turn right or left. I tried getting it going just perfectly straight and even then it stayed going for maybe 30 feet then veered off one way or the other. I here it tracks better with skeg down but in my opinion that would be a pain to keep using the skeg.

Tracer experience
Owned one for six years of hard paddling and I had zero issues. I’m right at 200 lbs and my friend more like 230 and fit was fine for each of us. Wouldn’t say it was designed for surf or rock gardens as it doesn’t have a lot of rocker but turned in waves and currents with ease. Puzzled about the other posters claim of poor tracking since we rarely used our skegs on the Tracers unless it was blowing pretty hard.

All in all a great kayak for the money. Good foot room and nice seat.

Paddled one a few times
At 230 to 250 it fit me very well and had leg room for my 5’10" frame and size 12 feet that other boats did not have. To me it seemed a very comfortable boat for a sit inside kayak. It tracked very well with no skeg use and was easy to turn once a little edge was added.

I think it would be very good in the surf as far as sea kayaks go. But if you only plan to surf I’d get a surf specific boat.