Tracer kayak by aqua-sports

Looking for any feedback about the tracer kayak by hurricane aquasports. price & weight look good to me but do not know anyone who owns one and would appreciate hearing about performance, comfort & speed from someone who has tried one.


I’ve had mine about two months
and am pleased with it. I bought it at the same time as a CapellaRM with the intention of it being the GF’s primary paddle. Right now, I like it better than the Capella. It feels a bit more responsive, is lighter, looks good, and fits a bit better. -I demoed an older model and think that it is more comfy with the minor updates. I can’t comment on durability as it is so new. When I start getting out solo paddling, I’ll probably take the Tracer (if for no other reason than it is about 15# lighter than the Capella.


did you read the reviews here?
I think it’s a quality product, if you don’t mind that they need a skeg/rudder. 46lbs is the best part, for a boat that size (some models in Thermoplastic are not much lighter than their RM counterparts, but imagine what this boat would weigh in RM…whew!)

Like mine
I have one and have talked to several other owners . . . see reviews. I like mine. They are quick and responsive. It is a little tender, but one you get use to that with no problem. If you are looking at a use Tracer, DO NOT GET ONE WITHOUT A SKEG OR RUDDER. The first boats made had neither and had more rocker to the hull than the newer the newer boats and did not track well at all. The newer boats have the skeg standard and not as much rocker and track much better.

All in all it is a fast light weight boat with a great price.

Paddled one this morning

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This is a 2005 model year boat.

Hi Phil,
I paddled one this morning and would be happy to give you my impressions. First, I have been kayaking for about 1.5 years, weight 195 and am 5'8" tall. I consider myself an advanced beginner.

Price and weight are nice as you noticed. Fit and finish are very good as well. The boat has fair primary stability and good secondary stability. I had difficulty putting this boat on edge far enough to partially submerge the cockpit rim.

I test paddled in calm conditions, so I cannot speak for how it would handle in other conditions. The boat had a skeg which wasn't needed in calm conditions. It tracks very well and has good speed for a 16.5' boat. It paddled backwards with about the same good tracking as forwards, even at high speed - this surprised me. When put on edge the boat carved turns very easily. I found it a little difficult to hold on edge, something that I might get used to with more time in the boat, but I suspect you would have to work some to hold it there.

The rear deck is quite low, making a layback easy. It also rolls very easily - almost to the point of a windowshade if not careful. Someone asked me if a boat can be rolled without a spray skirt, so I obliged and removed mine. The boat was still very easy to roll, but with a few inches of water sloshing around the cockpit the stability was even worst.

Nice boat overall - probably good for an advanced beginner to intermediate paddler, or for someone willing to acquire these skills. Hope this helps.

Had ours for over a year of hard use and they’ve held up remarkably well. Did a couple of loaded trips in the Great Lakes and the extra weight was accomodated far better than in my old Skerray as I made good speed. All in all I don’t think there is a better kayak for the money as I shopped and tested my brains out before buying ours. The newest version with the Kayak Sport skeg is smooth and settles the Tracer down in beam winds. It does almost roll itself as mentioned. Get one!!


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Sally's Tracer is a handsome yellow over white boat that we got used, looks new -its Trylon vacuformed plastic looks like glass. It's light, responsive, and quick, and can be fast.

It is apparently an early version with increased rocker and no skeg, and it's a chore to keep on track except when going into the weather, where it really shines.

We're looking into two major mods for it:

Minicell padding to build up a better fit, as it doesn't have thigh braces, and is a surprisingly commodious cockpit despite its lines; and

A skeg to be added for tracking, or a rudder as a last resort.

You know what "Army golf" is, right? You know, unlike the pros, we hackers march down the fairway after our shots go Left-Right-Left-Right on a per shot basis... Well, this older Tracer paddles sort of like that on a per stroke basis. It's qute frustrating to Sally, and I have a tough time maintaining the fine edge of formthat's required to make it behave and move straight.

When Sally demo'd one with a skeg, previously, it was fine -it tracked well, behaved quite nicely, and was fast.

Apparently all new models are less rockered, and all come with skegs, with rudders optionally available. So that being the case, yes, we can recommend the Tracer as a boat that you'd probably like to at least give a look and a test run to


-Frank in Miami