Tracker canoes???

Can’t seem to find any info on tracker canoes. Heard They were made by Osagian. Are they Any good? Any info appreciated.

What does “Tracker” mean? Just
a brand name, or does it suggest sporting use, for hunting and fishing?

What sort of canoe are you looking for?

It’s a brand.

What region will you be paddling, and
what sort of water? “Tracker” seems to be the name of a line of canoes that Osagian regarded as hard-tracking, due to their keels. That translates to hard-to-maneuver.

If you are going to be into river canoeing, you do NOT want a keeled canoe that is hard to maneuver. For lake canoeing, keels are a matter of taste, but fast canoes without keels are easier to paddle than canoes with keels.

I canoe on both whitewater and on flatwater, and I would never accept a canoe with a keel. YMMV.

Flat water
South Louisiana.

As it happens, I paddle bayous in
south Louisiana. The keel would be less of a hindrance there, might even help if you try to get out on Lake Ponchetrain. In twisty bayous and swamps, it would be somewhat of a hindrance.

I Would Wager…
…they are the ones Bass Pro Shops used to have made for them? You used to see them in their stores. I think they still make boats, but not canoes. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they were made just up the road in Lebanon, MO, where Lowe and a few other companies made aluminum canoes.

With all the newer and better boat materials, the factories that put out the aluminum boats have gone the way of the passenger pigeon in these parts. But for a boat to store by out in the weather and use whenever you get a notion they still have their place