Tracking: Tsunami 140 vs. Tampico 140s

Anyone have first-hand knowledge?


Tracking Ability: Tsunami 140 vs. Tampico 140s

Which will better assist a beginner/intermediate to stay on course?

Link to Tsunami 140:

Link to Tampico 140s:

Thanks all!!

pretty much the same
It would be hard to find two boats that were more similar in hull design and dimensions than these two – just look at the side profiles, the sweep of the bow and the skeg-like keel. I suspect you would notice little difference in paddling them side by side. Personally, given a choice, I would pick the lighter of the two, that being the Tampico at 45 lbs. A 15% weight differential is substantial in hauling and hoisting a boat.

just hazarding a guess, but
by their appearance in the water the Tsunami has noticeably more rocker, thus the Tampico sits with a slightly longer waterline and may have better tracking.

thermoformed ABS vs. rotomolded PE may be a consideration if you paddle in rocky areas vs. saving weight.

good points
the rocker isn’t obvious in a lot of the side shots but it (Tsunami) does have some. Would likely be a slightly better river and rough water boat. I’ve used a friend’s Tsunami 140 and found it tracked fine. Just was a little heavy for my taste. Probably has better resale value since they are so popular.