Traction Rubber - Footrest

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Since started to paddle a K-1, I have noticed that between the seat and foot-rest some small amount of sand/dirt tends to accumulate overtime, which could behave as sand-paper with the constant push/pull of my feet. In my surfski this is not an issue because the action of the Venturi drains.

How do you solve this issue if you solve it at all?

My first thought:

1. Skateboard Grip: it will look nice and light, but too bad for my paddling shoes and won’t be able to paddle barefoot.
2. Surfboard traction, they won’t eat my feet, but I think they are too thick, so it would affect posture and stability.

My final thought

A traction rubber 0.5mm as the best option, but haven found it yet. Do you know of a supplier of traction rubber like this one?

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3-M material
is sold by West Marine for boating applications. While it is grippy, it feels non-abrasive. Could be your solution.


Rubberized Traction Material
I found some rubberized stair tread material at my local hardware store, in light gray. It’s quite thin, and similar to the surface coating you might see in shower stalls and bathtubs. It’s easy on the feet, and hasn’t come off yet on the surf ski.

cutting board
camping cutting board from wally world. ultra thin can be cut with scissors.

The Epic stuff is found @ surf shops …
same same.

You might try Yoga mat … thin and a bit tacky still … in the grippy sense. Maybe other way if you go for some flowery pattern.

A perfect and still human friendly grip surface which would also be the lightest thing is to:

Mask ( with good tape ) your area you want grippy.

Lightly scuff up.

Pull this tape and retape again clean.

Brush on the thinnest coat of clear surfboard ( surfacing resin )

Lay Peel Ply cloth over the resin and squeegee smooth and let cure.

Pull peel ply and tape once resin hardens

Viola’ a perfect grip surface that is still ‘clear’.

Epoxy works too but will change color over time.

Thanks to all!
Thanks a ton, all ingenious ideas!

Rubber for foot pads
While Arlo still sings “you can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant” I have better luck at the McMaster-Carr website. Google it and look under materials section.


Thanks, way cool web-site!