Tractor Seat for Solo Plus

I read thru the thread on seating and am pretty sure that a tractor seat is going to be a necessary addition to my solo plus. I went to the Wenonah web site but could not find any tractor/bucket replacement for the existing cane seat. They did have a nice looking bucket pad, but that’s it. Any suggestions for an aftermarket tractor seat, and is the installation an easy winter “do it yourself” project that will continue the bonding process with the newest member of my fleet?

Thanks again.


Wenonah tractor seat
Wenonah does not list tractor seats on their site but they are available. Call your local Wenonah dealer and order it through them. Wenonah has the standard plastic tractor seat and a lighter composite one.

Also try ZRE. They were very helpful when I called them regarding a tractor seat.

Good luck.

tractor seat

or post your inquiry here:

I used to have a link to a go cart supplier with a dynamite plastic tractor seat but couldn’t find it. Try hunting in that area. it was really nice and about $40. Perfect for paddling.

Call wenonah
Allison is real helpful. Other suppliers/manufactures are (in no particular order)

Grasse river boat works

Savage river boat works

Clipper canoes

Mokhawk canoes(I have gotten buckets from them in the past.)

Superior canoes(possibly)

Kruger canoes

And if you are from the JSaults school of canoe owner ship you can make your own glass seats starting with mortar as a mold…

You can get some wonderful antique
tractor seats from hundred year old John Deere and other tractors. Guaranteed not to break.

Another way to consider
Here is the wenonah encounter I converted to tandem. notice the bare strips where I removed the factory pedestal seat frame. I replace that with four pieces of aluminum angle riveted to some scrap autobody fiberglass and then epoxied to the hull.

The 2nd photo shows a closeup of a similar aluminum bracket riveted to fiberglass and epoxied to the hull.

Wenonah has made any size pedestal frame I requested. I matched the spacing on the al angles to accommodate the one seat in either the stern or solo position. The frame is drilled with the al angle clamped on before gluing to ensure perfect alignment so pins and clips can be used for quick installation and removal.

How does the Encounter
paddle with a light crew? looks wicked fast…

factory direct
You can either order one through your dealer or call Wenonah and order one directly from them.