Tractor Seats [standard?]

What are your feelings on tractor seats? i know over the long haul, 4-5hrs, of paddling they may be more comfy. But, I prefer the looks of wood seats and I can move more laterally when sitting as needed. I think it’s also easier to kneel with a bench seat. The tractor seat allows more adjustments, i.e.sliding back or forward, and higher and lower. If the dealer says the tractor seat is more comfy and reccommends it with a particular model do you go with it or do you stand your ground and pay the extra $ for the wood bench seat? I just can’t get used to the look of the tractor seat with wood trim.

Find Ours Good
We have a venerable Oneida 18 with fixed moulded fiberglass tractor seats - at least, the actual seat (bottom only, there’s no back) is what I’d call a “tractor” type, and while they aren’t the best looking seats in our fleet, they win hands down for comfort.

Of course, the Oneida, which is our favourite paddling canoe, has aluminium gunwales and thwarts, too, and really faded orange gelcoat, so it ain’t like the seats spoil the look of the thing…