Trade this for that or not????

Hey folks,

I currently have an immaculate Wenonah Advantage that I’ve paddled very little and has been a garage queen for the last 2 years. I’d say condition is a 9.5 out of 10 with only a couple scratches in the gelcoat. It’s a Kevlar layup with white gelcoat and was manufactured in the mid 2000’s. I have it listed for sale locally for $1250. This is half of a brand new Advantage in the same layup, I have the opporthunity to trade for a MR Malecite that appears in great condition but is an all fiberlglass boat so I’m assuming mid 90’s or so. It’s got ash gunnels, wood deck plates, cane seats and a, solo caned center seat. Overall the boat looks beautiful. I’m looking for advice from folks here as to whether or not It’d be an even trade. I’d much prefer a Royalex Explorer or Penobby, but this is potential local trade and after 2yrs no water time for my Advantage maybe I’m just impatient, If you are reading this and have any good river running Royalex boats, 12-13ft rafts, or Shredder style rafts and are looking for a sleek fast light solo canoe hit me up. Thanks for any advice on my previous questions.


Dan, I have no idea what the values would be in your area, but I can tell you that I bought a very similar '90’s Malecite (solid wood gun’ls, and 3 flat webbed seats) several years ago in excellent condition for $650 (included two nice paddles and some other gear). When I bought another pristine '90’s Malecite in kevlar (3 caned/contoured seats, and slotted wood rails) for about $1400 a couple years ago, I sold that glass Malecite for $600 (kept paddles and gear). I didn’t have any trouble finding a buyer though.

My guess is that trade would be a little lopsided against you - but that depends a lot on your market and how bad you would rather have a nice tandem. Around here, one might have a hard time selling an Advantage for a reasonable price. If you live where high performance solo canoes are more popular, I would expect that to not be the case. OTOH, the Malecite might also be more of a draw in your area. This isn’t exactly “canoe country” where I live.