Trading up....Questions though

from a Scorpio Lv, which is really to big for me to something like a Tiderace .Going to check out the Explore-s and Excite-s and Cetus LV. After borrowing a friends Excite-s, i found a number of things very different. ie…it fits quite snug, which i found easy to maneuver some of the new Greenland rolls that i have been working on. But a huge difference in hopping into the boat quickly or doing a re-entry and roll, do able, but a bit more of a challenge. Is this normal and will i just get use to it? don’t forget that i will be adding a drysuit back in the mix this late Fall. Should i take the drysuit with me to try boats? The Excite is quite squirrely and not sure i want that.can i avoid that with a little skeg? I like it’s length and weight. Going with FG. So anyone with any feedback on these boats or thoughts i would love to hear from you. Oh yeh, i am 5’2" on a good day. not skinny but not tipping the scale to much the other way either. :slight_smile:

The Excite is intended to be less of a tracker than the Cetus LV, and similar can probably be mentioned between some of the other boats. The boat you have been in has really not been sized for you to have a refined feeling about the difference between tracking in many boats. I would assume the skeg will handle it given the experience of the designer, but you may want to answer a fundamental question for yourself. Are you ok with a boat that may ask you to participate more in narrowing its path, or do you want something that will incline to run straighter?

Unless you want to race, most would likely argue that the Excite will do more for your paddling and have a higher fun quotient than more of a tracker.

LOVE that wording
"Are you ok with a boat that may ask you to participate more in narrowing its path"

Celia - I have to give you 100 pts for that response! My first thought was WTH are you trying to say and then it made so much sense! Why work at staying straight if you don’t need to???

As for Excite, I really haven’t spent any time in the Tiderace boats so I will abstain from answering.

Nail on the head!
"Why work at staying straight if you don’t need to??? "

That’s a great question!

If you intend to play on the waves, or rock gardening, you might indeed want a more turny boat. Or if you often paddle in tight quarters (like coastal marshes), you might want to bias on the less tracking side too.

In other words, for everyone who’s trying to decide on a tracker vs a squirrel. Ask youself.

What are you getting, in giving up on tracking?

you will get used to it
if you want a more playful tide rip, surf, rock garden boat, go with the xcite-s

If you want more of touring boat or need a fast boat go with the xplore-s.

I paddle a lot with a couple who paddle both these boats. Xcite-s is slower but more fun in waves and current.

It’s not a beginner boat but you can get used to it with seat time. snug without being uncomfortable is best. I’ve seen my friend do every sort of roll and rescue in conditions in the xcite-s.

Thanks…good to hear this
anyone out there fitting my description in the Explore-s ? How is it for all you rolls etc…?

I think i want to go straight, less turny. Had enough of that in my boat!