Trailer bars, what to cover with?

The University that I paddle with has 2 “Mo” canoe trailers (very nice!!) but the canoes slide around a bit on the bars. The bars are steel sq. 40 2" square, and someone taped on some foam. This foam is failing, and it was never very good to start with. I am looking for some rubber, maybe a “D” shaped cross-section, that can be glued on. Or any other suggestions. Mike

Pool noodles
would work fine. Or pipe insulation.

old bicycle tires
re-use as a higher form of recycling

I like the tire idea.

can’t claim it as original idea…
the kayak shop where my son works also sells bikes and does a lot of repairs - so they generate lots of old tires. When I got off the water yesterday, the canoe/kayak trailer was parked next to my car at the put-in and I admired the use of tires on the racks.

I would think that some students should be able to generate some old tires for a college trailer - “adaptive re-use”.

any other ideas?

I’ve seen the bars on the trailers wrapped with carpet scraps and duct tape wound around to secure it.

I used the white rubber dock edging
If you can’t find it in the right width you can cut it in half. I used it when I was given some. It’s nice since it doesn’t trap gravel like carpet or foam.



I use pipe insulation
It comes in larger sizes but I have 1 inch square tubing and I split the tubing and glue over the tubing. I also use a few heavy cable ties on them. Any kind of tape will hold it closed while the glue (marine goop) dries.

Roll bar foam…
I have roll bar foam on my trailer and car rack.

It’s just like pool noodles only thicker, and the hole is offset making the foam thicker on one side. Racing supply houses sell it for about $3 for a 3 foot stick. Pool noodles work just as well in the end but “roll bar padding” sounds cooler. :wink:

Trailer bar covers
Those Mo trailers are very nice! Mo and Blue Mountain Outfitters make the two best canoe trailers I seen. All the rest (that I’ve seen) pale by comparison.

I’m in the process of finishing a canoe trailer now (replaces an older trailer). So I’m thinking thru what to use as bar covers anew. IMHO pool noodles work okay in a pinch, but they’re thick, they photo-degrade fairly quickly and are usually only available in day-glow kid’s colors. Pipe insulation doesn’t work worth a damn – at least the stuff I’ve tried. The stuff I used had very little substance and wore thru almost immediately. The best bar cover I’ve found so far seems to be common “bunk carpet” used to cover boat trailer bunks. It can be cut as needed & glued on the bars with contact cement. Virtually the same thing can be found sold as a low-knap indoor/outdoor carpet runner. I recently picked up a 2’ X 6’ piece at a discount store for about 5 bucks – that’s enough to make glued-on bar covers for at least a couple trailers. My two cents – fwiw - Randall

I like the carpet idea, Randall, and I agree about Mo and Blue Mountain Outfitters.

Trailer bar covers
Go to an Industrial belt shop and get them to cut you some rough top conveyor belt strips. Use high adhesive to glue them to the bars.