trailer for 8 kayaks

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Am interested in a production trailer than can hold 4 kayaks vertically stacked (2 per side) on two levels (total of 8 16-19 foot kayaks). Need to get these guys out of the garage and to transport kayaks from one end of NC to the other, and back. Suggestions/reviews welcome.

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I have a friend with one who is looking
to sell it.He made it with a large boat trailer for a base. We have transported at least 8 boats on it at once. We are in Greenville, SC.

You can make your own like this one

Rack comes off in winter for boat storage and to use trailer for other things.

You might want to look at a Trailex ( That’s what we started using for the shop and they’re well made, purpose-built and lightweight for towing. We don’t sell them, just happy with the results so far.

You can find them used from time to time (we did) and they usually have a booth at the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival in April as well.

  • Tom

    Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Couple of questions
Is the upright notched for the cross pieces?

Are the bottom cross pieces screwed to the trailer deck?