trailer hitch racks for kayaks

I know there are bicycle racks that fit in the receiver of a trailer hitch but I am wondering if there is a kayak rack that mounts in the receiver?? We are in the process of buying a small RV and that seems like a perfect way to carry our kayaks.

Spring Creek Outfitters

All hitch racks have plenty of “play” no maytter how firmly they are secured–a small amoint of movement at the hitch will equal a couple inches of mvmt at the boat 62 inches up–if thatmakes any sense. I ordered the double hitch, and loved it but the play would likely tear up my carbon kev kayak. Fine for rotomolded boats and canoes. See their kayak saddles, also ideal. I use them exclusively.

Vy Newberg and her famil in Ely, MN, own the company, and if you call them, you speak to them personally. Very kind.

Yakima makes the Dry Dock, and Thule the Goal Post hitch racks. Google.


I don’t think there’s anyone that makes a rack that would work in a hitch receiver for a motorhome. I’ve seen one once that looked homebuilt. The person built a tall basket that slid into the receiver and stood the kayaks on end.

I think a better bet it to just get a small utility trailer to carry them on behind your RV


Home built
I live in an area with lots of snow birds and I have seen several variations on those home builts. They are pretty simple and any welding shop could come up with one. You are limited to about 10’ if you carry the yaks vertically. Most carry the yaks on their toweds but they have large motorhomes. I see quite a few folders but not many inflatables.

Mount Kayak on RV Hitch
I found this web site - has a hitch mount rack for kayaks. I haven’t tried it, but am in same situation, looking to mount Kayak on back of RV, to avoid having to haul on top.

hitch mount carrier for kayak