Trailer Suggestions for 15' Kayak

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Looking for suggestions on trailers for hauling a 15', Thresher 155.

Currently throwing it up on my Yakima Outdoorsman racks in the back of my F-150, but is a bit of a pain, hefting that thing up there.

Thinking of going the standard, utility trailer route with some removable cross bars to make it easier to load/unload, but am wondering what's the minimum length trailer I can get away with - 10'? 12'? I need the ability to haul the thresher as well as a 14' hobie.

Anyone else have a modded utility trailer for their Thresher or other 15+ foot kayak/canoe? Pics?

Thanks for your help!

You should figure this yourself first

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It seems to me that if you can modify a trailer for carrying boats, you should also be able to rough-out on paper the dimensions that you need. Start with the spacing between the cross bars that you want or can accept. With any utility trailer, that distance will normally be the full length of the trailer body. Then, figure that with one boat centered on the cross bars, the forward end of the boat must be behind the hitch by at least a couple of feet (too close and it will hit the tailgate of your truck when approaching or departing an abrupt incline). Unless you start with a rather long trailer, that means that the trailer tongue will need to be lengthened. Also, if carrying two boats side by side (or if a single boat will be off-center on the trailer), the tongue will have to be even longer so that the front of either boat will remain clear of the back of the vehicle when the trailer is cocked at 90 degrees to the vehicle, as will happen sometimes when backing up (and you may need this clearance even during a sharp turn going forward).

Since all these dimensions (rack spacing and tongue length) are dependent on the size of the trailer you choose and the length and positioning of your boats, you should start by roughing it out on paper, to scale. You'd want to do that even if simply relying on other's suggestions so you know exactly what situation you will be creating for yourself when following their advice. For example, someone might be happy with their trailer dimensions, but once you draw it and form a mental picture of how your boat would sit on such a setup, you might not like it at all.

My trailer rack
Is high enough so the longest boats extend over the bed of my truck.

It’s not my primary, or even secondary method, but it has allowed me to haul 17’ kayaks on an 8’ trailer without using a tongue extension.

used boat trailer
Find a used boat trailer on craigslist and use something like this:

most crossbar kits run about $200

I’ve built 4 for myself and other people and they work great. Since the boat trailer is already galvanized they don’t rust as quickly as a utility trailer and are usually heavier duty. Bought mine (a 1989 continental trailer) in '94 and have rebuilt the springs and axle twice (about $300) about every 10 years!