trailering kayak's

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are there any kayak trailers for two boats?
can't put them on the roof anymore (too old) I used to have a utility trailer I coverted for this....

How much you want to spend?
For $200 to $300 you can buy, assemble, and convert your own Harbor Freight utility to use with kayaks.

For $1000 to $2000 you can buy a fancy one with much softer suspension – made for fancy boats I guess.


The answer, oh great oracle of trailers

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Malone makes an affordable kit trailer. Also available in packages with kayak carriers & cargo boxes.

Click on the Malone link on P-nets homepage for info.

Consider these

They are less expensive than others.

trailer for 16.5’ kayak
I see people recommending these 4x8 foot deck folding trailers from various sources. My question is how do they fair with a longer boat such as my 16.5 foot Tsunami? It seems the trailers are only about 11 feet long overall and keeping the boat back a bit on a trailer so it didn’t hit the car when turning would leave me about a 6+ foot overhang. I am not sure this is even legal. What is the solution for someone with a longer boat wanting to buy a cheap trailer for hauling 2 kayaks?

i’ve made over a dozen of them and sold, i presently have 3, i haul 14 ot 17.5 ft. kayaks all over nc, never had a problem, you have to extend the tongue, that will solve the problem, send me a email and i’ll send you some pictures of some of the ones i made.

Answer: Gene Simmons
A long tongue.