Train access to Wabakimi

I am planning a family trip into Wabakimi, and we are fascinated with the option to catch the train into and out of Wabakimi. We operate a Christian Adventure program and have about an 8 day window before I am guiding again. My kids are small but already conditioned to wilderness travel. Our days are shorter than they used to be. About 8 miles/ day is about all the kids can handle and we will take several layover days to spend Q-time with them. Any suggestions for say a 30-40 mile loop off of the train route.

go to
go to the forums at for more information on Wabakimi. Several people there have paddled the area.

Our family has paddled Wabakimi - we drove to the small town of Armstrong and took the train to Shultz Landing - where we were dropped off. you can also take the train from savant lake and go east.

our trip was 7 days and about 130 mile loop, which would be too long for your group. You could go to Shultz’s landing and do a small loop and take the train back - logistics to this: VIA Rail leaves Armstrong going west at about 6 AM and is coming back east by Shultz’s landing at 11 PM - Contact VAIRAIL for schedule details.

i would suggest talking to the Wabakimi Park officials in Thunder Bay or calling an outfitter, such as Matice Outfitters in Armstrong. They can give you good information. or 807-583-2483. They also have air service, will store and shuttle your car if needed, and have lodging before/after trip. very nice folks.

1 - 50,000 scale maps can be ordered at Good Luck…duane