Trak 2.0 - what's NOT to like about it

After reading all this , you couldn’t give me one. Well, Maybe give but not sell.

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I have had no quality control issues with mine. As stated long ago in this thread, there was NO way I was buying one from Trak with some far in the future ship date. I just don’t trust that business plan.

I ended buying a used Seeker and then a used Trak 2.0 upgrade, so I basically have a 2.0 now. Great boat, I found it unstable at first compared to my last boat, never rolled or flipped except when i wanted to but took some getting used to. The 2.0 upgrade is well worth it in my opinion.

By buying used, I saved quite a bit of money, but when I bought the 2.0 upgrade that wiped out some of the savings, the 2.0 upgrade I got was brand new from a person who bought it and never used it…i mean never, not even a single time. Same with the Seeker I bought, seller claimed to only have used it for one trip overseas, the bag was pretty banged up but the boat looked new. Trak even extended the warranty to me for the skin and 2.0 upgrade. Unfortunately, not been out in the boat often enough :slight_smile: but I have no issues with quality or the boat, just the business plan.

Ray, very sorry to hear about the quality issues you are experiencing.

Can you elaborate a bit for the benefit of myself and others?

I was under the impression that the quality of these was pretty decent, so hearing about your concerns is disheartening.

I hope they are able to satisfactorily address them for you.