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Hello everyone. BrazilBrasil here. Been a long time since I have frequented the forum. Nice to see Jack L and Scupper pro Frank still around. Lot of things have changed for me these days. I own a paddle company and a tour business taking people down the Amazon river. I purchased 6 TRAK kayaks for my tours and one for me personally. As a disclaimer, I must say that I have worked with TRAK *AFTER* I purchased these boats in a sort of representative capacity and subject matter expert at some of their trade shows etc.
I think I have a really good handle on just how good these kayaks are having assembled and dis-assembled them hundreds of times, and I would be happy to help answer any questions about the construction and performance characteristics of this boat. I have had them in salt water, fresh water, lakes, big rivers, very windy conditions, and in some pretty good surf.
If you have any questions about the boat I promise I will not respond with a load of crap. But having owned and paddled Feathercrafts, Folbots, Kleppers, Long Hauls, Naturaids, and Nortiks, along with building my own Yost folder and trying out another Chilean clone of a Yost, I think I have a pretty good handle on these kayaks and folding kayaks in general. I made my decision to buy these kayaks based on those experiences, the technical characteristics of the TRAK, ease of assembly, and the toughness of the boat overall compared to any other portable kayak. So yes I am a fan based on a lot of research and comparisons. As a single kayak, it sure covers a much greater range of real life situations without compromise better than any other kayak out there, portable or not.
I'm not trying to sell anything but am offering my experience with a boat most know about but have never really seen or paddled.


welcome back
Am happy to see another folder fan on here who can offer hands-on experience with them. I’ve answered people’s inquiries on Feathercrafts and Pakboats but have no experience with the other brands. With so many of us paddlers getting older and wanting both a lightweight boat and one that we can take along on extended travels, it will be good to have somebody with your experience here to weigh in.

TRAK kayaks
Thanks Willowleaf.

Happy to be back even if it is infrequently. Leaving tomorrow for the Amazon again for 5 or 6 days as I have an opportunity to get into the deep jungle with a local guide who is a real friend. This time I go alone with him, taking two TRAKS and we plan on visiting some indigenous people who have had contact with the outside world but choose to keep their distance as much as possible. It is only through my association with my friend who has been on that river for 35 years that I am getting this opportunity.


Great to see you back Paul
We heard from rick that he has his old Pygmy back and had a nice visit with you.

We’ll be seeing him in a few weeks and paddling with him.

jack L

I’ve noted the ads and am curious as to
their handling. I’m off to find the website.

Thanks Paul…

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Using Jennifer a whole lot.

Jack, Calypso has made it to Ft. Laud after a rainy weekend at Elliot.

if I can help answer any questions let me know. Just took mine down and packed it for my Amazon trip tomorrow. Yesterday I had it on the lake for a few miles and tested everything out (precious little to test really) Its a fantastic boat. Like I said I have 7 now that I use exclusively on my tours in Brazil.


How dry do they need to be before
packing for a few weeks?

great question.

I pack mine wet for the most part. What i mean is that I do try to sponge or towel the skin to get most of the water off. The skin is a polyurethane nylon cross hatch type of weave that is incredibly strong, waterproof and does not stretch. So it feels a little like a vinyl on steroids. It is not a material that can soak up or retain moisture. There are only a few pieces. The skin, the stern and bow frames are all shock corded, the coaming, seat, 3 hydraulic jacks and 2 large float/dry bags. 10 total pieces. Nothing retains or soaks up water. I have packed mine up with salt water and sand for a week or two and it assembled just fine. A really cool thing about the poles where you would put them together is an inner piece that is ribbed. This minimizes any chances of the tubes seizing up or becoming solid from salt or sand. simple but brilliant piece of engineering.


handles a lot like/reminds me, a lot of…a Romany {with a slightly smaller cockpit}

Best Wishes


That is pretty much the analogy I give. With the rocker set up, it does handle and has pretty much the same waterline length as a Romany. When you drop the rocker you have a little more waterline than an explorer for all day paddling. All in a 16 foot folder. Even though it is a hard chine, the slight flexibility of the skin makes the boat behave more like a softer chined hull.

Its particularly good when you are instructing and want to do those amazing bow rudders and curves. just bring the rocker all the way up and you spin beautifully.

Sorry. do I sound like a fan? lol

Offhand, do you know the length of
the cockpit? That can be an issue for me, with long legs and wide hip joints.

cockpit length (measured by the inside not like some :slight_smile:

31 inches by 16.25 at its widest. There are two adjustable thigh braces that you can position more forward or back like the Wilderness system tempests.

Hope this helps


btw, same skirt for the Explorer and the Tempest and the TRAK.


really glad to hear that GreyHawk! she deserves to be in the water.


Yes Jennifer was collecting dust in the bottom of my shed unfortunately. too small for me for anything but rough surf and I didnt want to do that to the kayak. got your e-mail. Did you get some of the info you wanted?


Well, length and width are tight for me
but might be OK if the boat’s depth is sufficient.

where are you located? Are you nearby? I know lots of trak owners across the country

Welcome back Paul!
I enjoy my Trak and it’s perfect for work trips. I had it in Lakes Michigan and Erie in Sept.

Do you have a website for your Amazon trips?



sent you the link Randy. also if you want to see the albums on facebook let me know.


I’m in Atlanta, have relatives I visit
near Columbia SC.