Trangia alky burners

Anybody using one? I’m thinking of buying one for kayak camping. They’re certainly a bit more robust than beer/cat stoves. I’d be using it mainly just to boil water. I’ve already got pots, so I’d just be buying the bare burner.

a friend i hiked the AT with in Me & NH used it. worked great for him. he even put a cup on it for coffee in morn. can’t do that with mine. i used

Been using a trangia for the past several years kayak camping. It’s awesome. Only issue is that for longer trips fuel can get bulky and it might be a better trade off to use isobutane. But for typical 2-3 day trips I wouldn’t take anything else.

I have a couple alcohol stoves that I have made and they work fine and are super light. I have a Vargo Titanium stove on the way and will let you know how it works. Let me know what type of stove you get and how it works for you!
…has a bunch of Trangia Believers who regularly extol the glory of their stoves. I have no experience with them but some of those folks really like them. Might check in and see what they can tell you.

great stoves
I have used the same one for many years. Easy to use (can you say fool proof), simple with no moving parts, clever design with a lid that can give you some temperature adjustment and cut of flame when fuel remains. The only two issues I have is that the fuel is a bit bulky - but then on longer trips you can buy it at any drug or hardware or automotive store you come across. Second they are pretty temperature and wind sensitive. Wind is the biggest deal and I use a collar made from a fan of heavy aluminum foil to act as a wind block. Without it the wind can be strong enough that water never boils.


Havent used my whisperlite since i bought the trangia. I’d suggest the burner with a pot stand like this one if your mostly going solo. Distance from burner to pot is important.

Yes, the stove is a little slower than some others but whos in a big hurry out paddling? You can save some fuel by using pot cozy’s and windscreen. With the flame reducer cap you can cook eggs over easy with that little frypan included in the kit above.



Thanks for all the great input. I picked up a Trangia burner with a stand on Ebay. Made a windscreen with some aluminum flashing and an hole punch. Also picked up a cup-top brewing funnel for coffee.

Everything worked great in the backyard test. No more instant coffee for me when kayak camping!

Packable version
My kids got me a collapsible one cup coffee drip. It seemed to me like the ultimate yuppie camping accessory but it works.

Great Little Stoves!!
Be sure to use a windscreen!! They do use more fuel than a white gas stove as they do not put off as much heat.