Trangia question

I’m leaving in a few days with my first Trangia and will be taking two airline flights. I have the complete kit that includes the pots/pan.

The burner itself seems indestructible to the point that it will be my first trip without a backup stove, but I’m worried about the thin aluminum tabs that hold the pan/pot. Are there any reports of these bending, breaking, becoming unusable?

Thanks for any advice, experience…Lyn

Held up well
I’ve had no problems with mine and I’ve certainly not babied it. I think there are several styles of Trangia kits though.

Mine has a round saucepan, teflon-coated lid with a plastic protector, windscreen/base, burner, cap, simmer ring, and a folding pan handle. I’ve seen some that looked like they were made to clip into a military style belt - I don’t know what kind of tabs they may have or how sturdy they are. There may be other kits as well.

Greenland next?!

Trangias are indestructible. As a scoutmaster for 15 years I have often seen Trangias being misused and beaten up by scouts and even stepped on by bulls. To this day I have never seen a Trangia that doesn’t work. However, when travelling abroad it is often difficult to find the correct fuel. The danish words are either “husholdningssprit”, “denatureret sprit” or simply “sprit”. If going to Greenland I would ask the rental company to arrange fuel in advance.

We had a wonderful trip in Alaska. Great weather and great wild life. Richard has uploaded a few pics here:

I hope you will have a great trip!


I visited your pictures. What an amazing trip. Absolutely beautiful.

…although they are not my pictures. I just happened to get caught on some of them.

It was to a large extent Lyngo’s excellent pics and advice that made us go to Alaska in the first place.

You’re back already?

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Really can't wait to read your trip report! We're leaving Wednesday.

I was told denatured spirits are easy to find in Ilulissat, please tell me that is correct information? we'll spend several days in Iceland first so if necessary we'll buy it there and bring it with us. The fellow we're getting the kayaks from is out paddling until the day before we return, so no chance for contact.

Don’t worry
Actually I haven’t been looking for denatured spirits in Greenland, so I don’t know. We used a multifuel stove with canister gas as they were sold out of white gas when we got to Narsarsuaq. Of course Ilulissat is a “much larger” town and if someone told you it’s easy to find denatured spirits there, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If worse come to worse you could buy a new burner in Ilulissat.

Every country seems to sell denatured spirits in some new and not very obvious place. I have had trouble finding it in both USA, England and Scotland. Mostly because I was looking in all the wrong places. The good thing about Ilulissat is that there are not that many stores to search through. :slight_smile:

You will have great trip!!!

had the same experience
when I tested the stove out here in NYC…I thought pharmacy but the hardware store had it.

Incredible photos on your friend’s website! I’m so glad your trip went well and the weather was good.