Tranpsorting with a Jeep Cherokee

I’m looking for a new way to transport my kayak (Nekcy Manitou 13). I currently have the foam block and strap system but this doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore. Is there any rack systems that would quickly adapt to my factory Jeep Cherokee 2001 racks? Or do I have to buy all new rails and such.


Quick & Easy

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Yer got welded rain gutters - strongest, best an' cheap solution.... Quick & Easy towers.

Dats wat ah' used since me 1973 Pinto, but got a steal-o-a-deal a few years back on a set of TracRacs also shown on de photos on me' 2001 Jeep Cherokee.

Fat Elmo

Malones should fit the factory…
Cross bars. Thule makes an easy rail mount for their cross bars.

Go to the Thule web site. They have a fit guide that will walk you thru it. Vaughn Fulton

I have an old yakima roof rack that converted from the nissan to a commanche and more recently a cherokee… fits nicely on the rain gutters. No complaints… have stacked multiple boats on to it in the past, but just added a longer bar to fit 2 boats side by side.

I second the Quick and Easy system
Bought mine for a 2001 Jeep Cherokee too and I have hauled 2 ten foot rec boats side by side all over the place with no problems.